Season 1 Episode 31

Death in Slow Motion

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 1966 on ABC

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  • I disagree with beowulf579

    What is beowulf579 talking about? This was the best Riddler episode hands down. And which previous Riddler?? Frank Gorshin was in this episode- he was the original live action Riddler!! I think this guy either got confused, or watched episodes backwards and thinks the Addams Family guy was a better Riddler.... No way.

    I love this episode. Fun plot, cool traps, great dialogue. All around, my favorite Batman 60s episode of all time.
  • Harmless fun

    Gorshin's Chaplin impression was magnificent at the start. The concept of Riddler making a movie made for an innovative plotline. There was also some fun and games in the bakery with numerous pies in faces.
  • Eh..not the best Riddler ep.

    An overall so so episode. The actor who played the Riddler didn't have the style that the previous one did. He tried to but it fell flat overall. Don't get me wrong, he tried but the actor has the look that suits more of an old fashion tough guy than the Riddler.
    The moll of the week was also so so. Just a little too bubble headed for my tastes.
    The plot is somewhat confusing, but alot of these eps can be like that. Having he dynamic duo running from spot to spot was kind of funny though.
    Sets were kind of bla too. It just deserved a little more. I think the end of the season was fast approaching and they just didn't hit this one right.
    And I swear that the Riddler's laughing was dubbed in.