Season 1 Episode 31

Death in Slow Motion

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 1966 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Notice during the party fight, Batman calls out to the crowd to stop fighting while his lips are not moving.

  • Quotes

    • Riddler: Ah, but these are special pies. Whipped sleeping cream and nuts.
      Guard: Whipped sleeping cream and nuts?
      Riddler: Nuts to you!

    • Alfred: You don't fancy, sir, that this famous desperado intends to stoop to the robbery of a lemonade stand?
      Batman: You've hit it! It fits like my glove.

    • Batman: (Reading the riddle on the wall) "Batman! As one baker to another--how do you make a dishonest shortcake?"

    • Robin: (Reading a riddle) Why is a musician's bandstand like an oven? Because that's where he makes his bread!

    • Gordon: (under the influence of Temper Tonic) Maury Wills better than Honus Wagner?
      O'Hara: Fifty times better!
      Gordon: You're an ignorant oaf, Chief O'Hara. I wonder why I keep you in my department!
      O'Hara: Oh, your royal highness, often I've wondered why I don't resign!

    • Riddler: (The Riddler has strapped Robin to a conveyor belt leading to a buzz saw) Riddle me this, my criminal crew! When does the Boy Wonder rhyme with "bubble"?
      Molly: When he's in trouble?
      Ridder: Wrong! When he's double! (laughing fiendishly) Split in two halves, right down the middle! (Riddler continues to laugh as he turns on the buzz saw) Camera ready to roll, C.B.?
      : Rolling, Riddler baby.
      Riddler: (Riddler laughs again) How do you like your sideburns, Boy Wonder? Long or short?
      Robin: Batman will get you for this, Riddler.
      Riddler: But will he get you? I believe you said he'd be here in no time. Question. Is no time in time? (Riddler then uses a knock-out spray on Robin as Riddler laughs)
      Narrator: After many gassers, here's the real buzzer!! Is Robin going to wind up as his own double?? Incredible but true, Batman will not arrive in time! Will we see the Boy Wonder sawed in two? Tune in tomorrow! Same Bat-Time! Same Bat-Channel!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Von Bloheim refers to the Batman as Die Fledermaus, German for The Bat or literally; The Flutter-mouse, a comic operetta composed Johann Strauss II.

    • Riddler's henchmen have names that refer to silent film characters or people of that era. Van Bloheim is a take-off on director-actor Erich Von Stroheim, CB refers to Cecil B. De Mille and Pauline from the 1914 movie The Perils of Pauline.