Season 2 Episode 20

Deep Freeze

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Nov 10, 1966 on ABC



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    • Mr. Freeze: After I'm through with this little business, I'm going to execute my plan for the greatest ice crime in history that will destroy all of Gotham City in a few minutes. And there'll be no Batman und Robin to stop me. And then, my darling Miss Iceland, your temperature vill be down to my temperature and you vill become Mrs. Freeze.
      Miss Iceland: Never! Not if I live to be a hundred... below zero. I'll never marry you.

    • Chief O'Hara: Go ahead, Commissioner. Call Batman and Robin. If Gotham City ever needed them, she needs them now.
      Commissioner Gordon: I never thought it could happen. But like so many of us, I... I'm afraid I've lost faith.

    • Mr. Freeze: What happened? You're supposed to be frozen.
      Batman: We took the precaution of processing our crimefighting costumes with a special Bat-Anti-Freeze-Activating solution.
      Robin: And rubbed some on the rest of our bodies.

    • Little Boy: Boo, Batman!
      Dick: Gosh, Bruce. Did you hear that?
      Bruce: Nothing has ever cut me so deeply to the quick, no blow ever struck by any arch villain has ever hurt me so acutely as that little boy's boo.

    • Batman: Now, gentlemen. I suggest we take a break. We have tickets for tonight's finals in the Gotham City Miss Galaxy contest. I know Robin is a little young for this sort of thing but...
      Robin: I'm not going to be young all my life, Batman. And besides, beauty contests are practically an American institution.
      Batman: You see, gentlemen. Such pure logic is indisputable.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Narrator: The Iceman Cometh!
      Referencing the 1959 play written by Eugene O'Neill and that was made into a movie in 1960. The title character, Theodore "Hickey" Hickman, visits a bar where the patrons hold a surprise birthday party in his honor. Now sober, Hickey attempts to convince the drunk and delusional patrons to stop fooling themselves and admit that their lives are hopeless.

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