Season 1 Episode 24

Give 'em the Axe

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 31, 1966 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • As Batman frees Robin, he loudly mentions Aunt Harriet and her nourishing meals. Moth is only a few feet away, and Riddler is within earshot as well, meaning they would have a solid clue to Batman's secret identity.

    • When Riddler's henchman put Robin on the rack, they stretch his arms tight above his head. However, when Batman enters the museum and casts his silhouette, Robin's elbows are bent at 90 degree angles.

    • When Batman and Robin escape Riddler's death trap, Batman's Bat-Belt has the typical yellow boxes on it that are roughly the same height as the belt itself. However, when Batman and Robin arrive at the museum, the boxes are much taller and offset unevenly from each other, and thicker than usual. Later, when Batman tries to contact the captured Robin on the Bat-Communicator, the belt is back to its normal dimensions that were originally shown.

    • After escaping Riddler's death trap, Batman calls Commissioner Gordon on the hot line, and Gordon takes the call on the customary red phone. Despite that, Gordon asks who is calling.

  • Quotes

    • Batman: Remember, Riddler, you can't buy friends with money.
      Riddler: With money, who needs friends?

    • Moth: Aww, it does seem a shame.
      Riddler: Moth... if you expect to get anywhere in this archcriminal game, you can't be soft. You must learn to control your emotions.

    • Riddler: Be still, my throbbing heart. My My fondest dreams come true... Batman and Robin dead. Dead! Dead! My cup runneth over. Up scope.
      Moth: Can we forget about them now and go find that lost treasure?
      Riddler: Oh, let me savor this moment. It's so divine. Seeing Batman and Robin dead is more important than any treasure.
      Moth: More important than all those Incan baubles, bangles, and beads? Not to me it ain't.
      Riddler: Impatience, thy name is "woman."

    • Riddler: How could a sarcophagus be so hard to find?
      Tallow: Gee, boss, I don't even know what an esophagus looks like.

    • Riddler: You lied to me, Boy Wonder!
      Batman: A little white lie is excusable when dealing with the likes of you, you black-hearted scoundrel!

    • Batman: Robin, are you all right?
      Robin: I'm just a little sore, Batman, that's all.
      Batman: Well, one of Aunt Harriet's good nourishing meals should set everything right again.
      Robin: I sure worked up an appetite, I'll tell you that!

    • Moth: Oh, Batman, Moth's learned her lesson. Really she has. Crime doesn't pay!
      Batman: Unfortunately you learned your lesson too late, Moth. A moth that plays around candles is bound to be get burned.

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