Season 1 Episode 16

He Meets His Match, the Grisly Ghoul

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 03, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

Just as the deadly one-armed bandit spins three lemons, Gotham City suffers a massive blackout! The Joker and his gang beat a harried retreat, just as the cops arrive just in time to cut Batman and Robin out from the electric chairs before the power comes back on! After replaying the audiotape The Caped Crusader secretly made while in the van, The Dynamic Duo were able to make out Susie as one of the members of The Joker's criminal gang, much to Robin's shock. So Robin, in the guise of Dick Grayson, Undercover Agent, tries to trick Susie into leading him into The Bad Pennies and The Joker himself. Unfortunately, Bad Penny member Nick catches immediately on and sends Dick on his way....but not before tipping him off on an impending robbery at a local bar. The Dynamic Duo enter the bar, trigger the gimmicked jukebox which spouts a double-barrel shotgun, deflect its bullets with The Batshield, and use a Batbomb to destroy the crooked machine! They then realize that Susie is in danger and rush to her aid, just as The Joker, realizing that The Dynamic Duo is on to Susie, gives her some perfume, which he instructs her to use only after she has planted answers to some important Nationwide Pre-College Exam papers she stole inside one of the rigged machines, not telling her that the perfume has been poisoned!

In the gym, Batman and Robin confront Susie and warn her of impending danger, but she brushes them off. When she applies the poisonous perfume and slumps unconscious, Batman and Robin save her life by using the Universal Antidote Pills in their utility belts, and she repays them by revealing the whole criminal scheme. Meanwhile, Joker, Nick, and Two-Bits arrive at the school in time to snap an incriminating picture of The Woodrow Roosevelt High School basketball team clutching the exam papers complete with the answers, which the team received from a rigged milk machine. The Joker then reaches a new low in crime: he plans to use the picture to disqualify and suspend the otherwise innocent team members for cheating, and stop them from playing Disco Tech in the night's big game, for he bet his cash on the opposite team and with the home players out of the game, the opposing team, Disco Tech would win from default. The Dynamic Duo suddenly swing down from the rafters on their Batropes to inform the students that the exam papers were phonies which they planted, rendering The Joker's picture useless. The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder then proceed to deliver the punch line, putting The Joker and his Bad Pennies out of circulation! Susie is sent to The Wayne Foundation Institute for Delinquent Girls.

NEXT WEEK: Batman battles False-Face!