Season 1 Episode 1

Hi Diddle Riddle

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 12, 1966 on ABC

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  • The Dynamic Duo make their television debut!!

    Finnaly, the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, make their television debut!! We are also introduced to the Riddler, who has a big scheme in mind! He tricks Batman into making a false arrest, and now Batman will have to go to court, and reveal his secret identity! But, Batman and Robin suspect something is up, and they go looking for the Riddler. They come to a nightclub, and Robin has to stay outside and gaurd the Batmobile, because he is too young to go inside. So, Batman in the Nightclub meets The Riddler's assistant Molly, and she drugs Batman! Then, outside, The Riddler and his goons shoot a tranquilizer at Robin, and soon Robin is out cold! They kidnap Robin, and attempt to steal the Batmobile, but thanks to the anti theft alarm, they can't! When a drugged Batman gets outside to the Batmobile, he is too late... Robin is gone! He wants to go after Riddler and help Robin, but a police officer won't let him, saying Batman is in no condition to drive. So, Batman Batwalks home, and goes to the Batcave, where he starts to attempt to track down Robin. Later, they show Riddler and Molly starting to do what appears to be operating on Robin!! What will happen next? Will Batman save Robin?? Will Robin escape?! Great way to start off the season!! Had me in total suspense!! 2 thumbs up, and worth a 10 rating!!
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