Season 1 Episode 7

Instant Freeze

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

Mr. Freeze seeks revenge against Batman for knocking a beaker of Instant Freeze on him during a past fight, an accident that has rendered Freeze incapable of going out in public without a special air conditioned suit and forces him to live in a super-cooled house designed to keep his body temperature at a frosty 50 degrees below zero. Freeze begins his rampage of revenge by heisting some famous diamonds from The Gotham City Diamond Exchange. In The Batcave, Batman perfects an antifreeze pill which, as he tries it out in a Deep-Freeze Cabinet but it fails to do the trick in extreme cold. On a tip from Commissioner Gordon, The Dynamic Duo speed to The Exchange in an attempt to nab Freeze but it is foiled when Freeze's gang members Chill, Nippy and Mo release 5 Batman and Freeze decoys and from the resulting confusion in The Exchange by The Dynamic Duo between The Batmen and Mr. Freezes gives the true Freeze and his lackeys carte blanche to scram. The Caped Crusaders next try to prevent Freeze from stealing The Ghiaccio Circolo Diamond, which belongs to the visiting Princess Sandra of Molino. Freeze sets The Princess' curtains on fire with his flame gun and darts out with the hot rock while Batman and Robin battle the flames. In a flash, The Duo are out the window and down The Batrope to intercept Freeze at his Amalgamated Ice Cream Company truck below. The cold-hearted criminal zaps them into human icicles with his horrible icegun and gets away!