Season 2 Episode 26

It's the Way You Play the Game

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Dec 01, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

The vibrations of the stampeding cattle cause the stake holding Batman's wrists to shake loose from the ground and leaping to his feet, he takes off his cape and, matador-style, guides the stampede away from himself and Robin. Returning to The Batcave, The Caped Crusader again contacts Hot Rod Harry who refers them to used car salesman Laughing Leo--who is also a secret informant of Shame's criminal posse! At Laughing Leo's lot, located on the corner of Surf Avenue and 20th Street, The Dynamic Duo are unable to get a straight answer from Leo. They depart, and, feeling something is wrong, Leo reports back to Shame that Batman and Robin have survived. Shame is put into a funk so deep he shoots up nearly his entire garage!

Shame anticipates The Dynamic Duo's return and prepares a double-barrel ambush! As predicted The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder do return to Westernland where they are greeted by a hail of bullets and Robin is shot in the heel by Shame! Batman rushes The Boy Wonder back to The Batcave for treatment; there Alfred reports that he, as Bruce Wayne, is scheduled to appear at the rodeo this afternoon. Alfred's reminder manages to crack the case: Shame plans to steal the four prize Black Angus bulls, each worth $300,000 that will be on display! However, by the time The Dynamic Duo reach the rodeo, Shame and his posse are long gone with the bulls in his super truck. Figuring the bulls have to be fed, Batman tracks the gang to The K.O. Corral down at the stockyards, where, after a blazing gunfight, Batman and Robin corral the entire gang of desperadoes and take them to the hoosegow.

At the Commissioner's office, Commissioner Gordon tells Shame and his accomplices that the authorities "will transport them to the calaboose." Chief O'Hara comes in with Andy who states that he followed Shame in order to reclaim the radio Shame had stolen from him. Shame ends up giving Andy his radio back.

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