Season 2 Episode 53

King Tut's Coup

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 08, 1967 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In the scene in the Bat Cave following Lisa Carson's abduction by King Tut, Batman can be seen struggling to put the receiver down properly on the Batphone.

    • In Tut's hide-out, there's a prop with a question mark left on it which was left over from the episode with the Riddler.

  • Quotes

    • Lord Chancellor: Hail, oh mighty Tut! Prince of darkness.
      Royal Jester: Hail, sovereign of all that's mean and evil.
      Lord Chancellor: Hail.
      Royal Jester: Hail.
      King Tut: The gang's all here.

    • Commissioner Gordon: Bruce Wayne advised me to call Batman.
      Chief O'Hara: Well, I guess millionaires aren't so dumb after all.
      Commissioner Gordon: Otherwise they would never have become millionaires.

    • Neila: Hi, Tut baby. What's shaking?
      King Tut: Batman's head, unless I miss my guess.

    • Suzie Knickerbocker: Batman, I think that's a darling little costume you're wearing. Where did you get it, in London or Rome?
      Batman: No, I believe in patronizing local craftsmen.
      Robin: There's a guy who makes great capes and cowls. Right here in Gotham City.

    • Lisa: Who are you, anyway?
      King Tut: Who am I? Tut, Master of Thebes, King of the Nile, Moon God of Thot! And that's just on Momma's side of the family.

    • King Tut: If the Caped Crumb is here, the Cowled Creep can't be far behind.

    • Narrator: It appears to be a death worse than fate! Batman has been in sticky situations before, but never like this!! And what of Robin who's fit to be tied?? Is this Batman's Waterloo?? Tune in tomorrow, Same Bat-Time, Sam Bat-Channel... At your own risk.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Tut: Friends, Egyptians, henchmen, lend me you ears. I have come to bury Batman, not to praise him.
      King Tut uses his own version of Mark Anthony's famous soliloquy of Act 3, scene 2 in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Romans became Egyptians, countrymen became henchmen, and Batman replaces Caesar.

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