Season 1 Episode 22

Not Yet, He Ain't

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 24, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

Just as Gordon and O'Hara shoot, The Dynamic Duo lift up their feet and deflect the deadly bullets with the bulletproof soles of their boots. The Batman then cuts himself and Robin free of their bonds with his Batknife, and they both escape. Upon discovering The Dynamic Duo's escape from his trap, The Penguin gets his new society friends to put pressure on Commissioner Gordon to rally Gotham to a manhunt, or bat and robin hunt, and Gordon has no choice but to agree. Batman & Robin arrive at The Penguin Protection Agency, faking insanity and ready to tear The Penguin, Eagle-Eye and Dove apart! Following the ensuing melee, The Dynamic Duo immediately depart upon the arrival of the authorities, who, after chasing The Demented Duo for a couple of blocks, apparently kill them in a shootout in an nearby alley... but the cops' guns were loaded with blanks, as Batman had planned.

Convinced Batman and Robin are finished, Penguin and his Finks swipe The Batmobile and speed off to plans their master caper, which is scheduled to transpire during his wedding to Sophia (the theft of his own wedding gifts!). Eagle-Eye and Dove rig a water pipe, which explodes; then the umbrellas which Penguin has passed out burst out in spectacular display, diverting attention from the fact that the wedding gifts are being burgled, using the ex-Batmobile (rechristened as The Birdmobile!!) as a getaway car, and they head for their secret impregnable hideaway. Batman and Robin, riding The Batcycle, use their deep knowledge of the vehicle (and a remote control!) to force The Batmobile to do their bidding and deliver The Pompous, Waddling Master Of Fowl Play and his Finks to justice. Sophia Starr, despite this experience, still believes she can reform Penguin by marrying him, but learns otherwise when The Avaricious Avian fancies the wedding gifts more than his would-be bride!

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