Season 1 Episode 8

Rats Like Cheese

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

A very frigid Batman and Robin are immediately rushed to Gotham City Hospital where they are thawed out with the help of the miraculous Super-Hypotherm-De-Icifier Chamber Mark VII, which reverses the freezing process. Meanwhile, Mr. Freeze has captured Paul Diamante, the star pitcher of The Gotham City Eagles baseball team, just before the big game. Immediately upon learning of The Caped Crusader's surviving his freeze gun, Freeze offers to exchange Diamante for Batman. The hostage exchange happens via helicopter at the ballpark where Batman is knocked unconscious and spirited away by helicopter.
Robin, ordered by Batman not to interfere, has planted a homing device on the senior crimefighter and follows him to the Freeze hideout but is captured by his men. After dinner, Freeze demonstrates the pinpoint control of his house-freezing system by slowly changing the temperature of his hideout so The Duo will be frozen to death. He isolates Robin in a small spot of warmth and begins to deep freeze Batman. Luckily, Batman, who remembered to wear his super-thermo-B-long underwear which prevented him from the extreme cold long, socks Mr. Freeze in the jaw and reverses the temperature controls. The tables are turned as Mr. Freeze and his men are put on ice.
Later at Wayne Manor, Bruce and Dick are too eager to turn down a helping of baked Alaska, which was earlier on served to them in Freeze's hideout!