Season 1 Episode 8

Rats Like Cheese

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 03, 1966 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Batman uses Freeze's control box to put his three henchmen in a cold "blue" zone, Freeze runs over to them and yells "Wait, wait!" Batman creates a red zone around the henchmen to drive Freeze back. But in the next shot the henchman are in a blue zone again.

    • Mister Freeze offers Batman a liqueur and pours it from a bottle. The temperature is described as -50 Fahrenheit. Liqueurs are typically 30-40 proof and freeze at -10 to -20 Fahrenheit.

    • At the baseball stadium, Sandra says, "Let's just be thankful that my servant and those two simply magnificent creatures, Batman and Robin, are still alive." Her servant was frozen the same as Batman and Robin, but they never suggest that he underwent the same thawing process that was necessary to save Batman and Robin that we see in this episode. It's never explained how he survived.

    • During the intro that described events of the previous episode, the Batmobile was shown driving in the daytime and outside of Gotham. The events however were inside Gotham and at night.

    • This episode features one of the scant few times that Robin actually disobeys an order from Batman.

    • Despite the fact that no one but Mr. Freeze can survive in the extreme cold of his hideout, his butler seems to have managed it when he handed Freeze his sherry, as his hand can clearly been seen placing the glass down outside of the warm red area.

  • Quotes

    • Batman: Mr. Freeze. Give yourself up. We can get help for you. Medical help!
      Mr. Freeze: In prison? This I do not believe. No, you must pay for what you did to me. For forcing me to live like this. Never again to know the warmth of a summer breeze. Never to feel the heat of burning logs in vintertime. Revenge. That is what I need! Revenge! I will have revenge!

    • Batman: Naturally, you didn't know I was wearing my special super-thermal b-underwear for extreme cold.

  • Notes

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