Episode 1

Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2003 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Erin Carufel portrays Yvonne Craig/Barbara Gordon/Batgirl as a red head although on the series the character of Barbara Gordon was a brunette who wore a red wig as Batgirl.

  • Quotes

    • [Adam disarms the bomb in time and with one second left]
      Burt Ward: Good thing that bomb was a fake.
      [BOOM! The bomb explodes and the blast sends Burt flying out of the cave and Adam walks out unharmed]
      Burt Ward: How come you didn't get burned?
      Adam West: Stuntman.

    • [getting ready to have a bar fight with four henchmen]
      Burt Ward: Well?
      Adam West: I say we fight our way out like we always did.
      Burt Ward: We had stuntmen then. Even if mine was always on a coffee break.

    • [after the Batmobile's been stolen from the charity event]
      Museum Hostess: The Batmobile's been stolen.
      Adam West: Using my key.
      Burt Ward: Holy tire tracks! Look, they go from two to one. It went out on two wheels. That fiend.
      Adam West: He may be a fiend, but he's an excellent driver.

    • Valet Parker: Hey, if you're looking for the Batmobile, it went that way.
      Adam West: [noticing he's wearing an eye patch] You have a sharp eye, my friend.

    • (Adam and Burt are sitting in the Batmobile)
      Burt Ward: Wow. You know, it seems like almost yesterday.
      Adam West: Almost thirty-five years, Burt. Time tumbles by.
      Burt Ward: You know. I forget what some of these buttons do.
      Adam West: I wouldn't touch those if I were...
      (Burt presses a button and oil sprays out on the museum guests)

    • [reading an invitation left on his front door]
      Adam West: Alfred! I need you!
      [opens closet]
      Adam West: Ah, what to wear?
      [sees one suit]
      Adam West: Eh, too flashy.
      [sees another one]
      Adam West: Too stuffy.
      [sees another one]
      Adam West: Too formal.
      [comes across his old Batman costume]
      Adam West: Too retro.
      Jerry the butler: [patiently after coming into the room] It's not Alfred, Mister West. It's Jerry. Alfred was the guy on the TV show.
      Adam West: There's a charity event at the car museum tonight. It seems I'm expected.
      Jerry the butler: [reads invitation] A little last minute, isn't it?
      Adam West: Charity doesn't punch a clock, my friend.
      Jerry the butler: I guess you'll be needing your tuxedo.
      Adam West: Nooo. I think something a little more in keeping with the times. Something a little less formal. Something...Clooneyish.

    • [after meeting on the set for the first time]
      Young Adam West: Why don't we take some time and discuss our approaches to the role?
      Young Burt Ward: Well, I just plan on saying my lines.
      [sees looks of surprise on faces of West and director]
      Young Burt Ward: Is there more to it than that?
      Young Adam West: [trying to put it delicately] Uhhh, well, yeah. Maybe a little.

    • Adam West: [after driving all night to the Arizona border in the search for the Batmobile] I think the clue is in our past, somewhere...
      Burt Ward: What's this?
      [removes flyer from under the car's windshield wiper]
      Adam West: ...we still have to find it.
      Burt Ward: [reads flyer] Hey Adam, look. The Highway to Arizona Bar is having a Happy Hour. Great place. Just down the street from the car museum.
      Adam West: [grabs flyer and reads it with stunned disbelief] *knew* about that place??
      Burt Ward: [not getting it] Yeah. Why?
      Adam West: [aggravated] Oh!
      Burt Ward: [thinks about it and realizes they've driven all night for nothing] Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Notes

    • Due to legal matters over the Batman copyrights, the only Batman footage shown in this special is from the 1966 Batman movie and not from the television series.

    • Actual footage of Lyle Waggoner's screen test for Batman is featured.

    • First broadcast as a "CBS Sunday Movie," Sunday, March 9
      (9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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