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  • Still My Favorite Show!

    Loved it as a child because it helped me fight bullys at school and it was a really fun show.

    Saw West in person at a car show, he wasn't just playing he really thought he was Batman...

    Which is good enough for me!

    I'm still waiting for the big wigs of Fox and Warner to give the public Batman on DVD!

    It will probably be a long while for that to happen.
  • Loved it as a child

    I loved this show when it was being aired on ABC. It always ticked me off on the cliffhanger endings. But often ABC would either do a back to back show or air the conclusion the following night which probably helped it to last as long as it did. I looked at some of the episodes again when the first Batman movie came out back in 1989 and these original shows resurfaced on the FX channel. As an adult I would say they did not hold up well at all but as a child I would say they were still pretty good. Definitely no worse than the Doodlebops, the Wiggles or Fraggle Rock
  • I know it was cheesy but that's what made it so funny.

    I wasn't born yet when this show was orginally on, but I watched this show all the time in re-runs. The cheesiness was hilarious, and the action was great. You had actors like Adam West, and Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith, even Milton Berle (sp) even though most of those people are dead now (all but Adam West) they were big names back then, I have seen movies with some of them and said crap, I didn't know they wer in this, or even had a movie career. I guess I knew Milton Berle, but not Frank Gorshin & Burgess Meredith. This show was great, cheesy catch phrases, cartoon like violence, and they had something for every occasion in the utility belt. I think the movies were a shock with how serious they were, compared to the show. I think they were made after the comics, I don't know I have never read them, and don't really read comics. This show just had everything comedy, action, drama, they should bring it back on TV Land or something.
  • I honestly don't know how to rate this show. When I was a kid and Batman was new to TV, I couldn't wait to get home to see this show! Watching it now is just utterly painful - man, I was a stupid kid back then.

    There must be a fine line between good camp and just plain bad, and if there is: I don't know what the difference is. Everyone calls Batman pure camp. Watching it now, I'd just call it plain bad. The difference must be that anything pretending to be good - but isn't - must be bad, and anything that's bad - and knows it - must be camp. This show is definitely not for the Batman purist. It's a tongue-in-cheek live-action cartoon. It's shamelessly and flamboyantly ridiculous. And it's delivered some of the most memorable actors and characters in show biz: Burgess Meredith's Penguin, Frank Gorshin's Riddler, Cesar Romero's Joker, Julie Newmar's Catwoman... and of course, Adam West's Batman and Burt Ward's Robin.
  • It is about the guy and that boy dressed in tights, fighting crime.

    This show is hilarious! Since it is currently the year 2007, it is always fun to watch old shows. They are funny! With all of our modern technology, we can make amazing shows and movies, and the old shows aren't all special effects and stuff. One time, I actually saw a person walk out through the back of the set! Yeah, and the funny thing is, that in most of the old shows, all the superheroes are wearing tights! Like Superman, Batman, Robin, and lots of others. Yeah, it sure is fun to watch the old shows. WHOA! I am totally off topic! But Batman rules. Today, or in the sixties!
  • So serious, it's silly.

    I saw a screen test where Lyle Waggoner (Wonder Woman, The Carol Burnett Show) auditioned for the part of Batman. He did a great job. But he lacked camp. If Batman had been as serious Green Hornet (1966) was, Waggoner would have been great.

    Adam West was the perfect choice to play Batman. No one could have pulled off the incredible, deadly serious, over the top camp the way West does. Burt Ward was awesome as Robin. The supporting cast does a great job too, especially Neil Hamilton as Gordon and Alan Napier as Alfred. But, West and Ward rocked as Batman and Robin.

    However, while I very much enjoyed the ABC series, I love the serious take on the Batman franchise even more. I look forward to the sequel to Batman Begins.
  • Back in the mid sixties, every kid wanted to Batman or the Boy Wonder, and my brothers fought over who would be who.

    A Great show especially with all the effects and cameo appearances..who could ever forget the building climbing scenes when Jerry Lewis or Sammy Davis jr. would pop thru a window..not to mention the car, the gadgets on batman\'s belt, and the bat computer in the Bat Cave and the bat poles..
    This action hero was made for 60\'s television. Wow I realize now how lucky I was to grow up in the 60\'s with all the crap on TV now. You would think someone would wise up and do a better version of TV Land and do an exclusive 60's TV channel..I think it would be great ! I know I would watch!
  • Batman is awesome, but past its prime.

    I love Batman, i think its brilliant but it has gone past its prime as it is now 40 years old. i still watch it now on FX, but i would rather watch something else if i had the chance. Everyone knows the story of Batman so i'll keep it short, Bruce Wayne, lives in mansion, with Alfred (butler) and Harriet (aunt) and his nephew Richard. Bruce and Richard are also known as Batman and Robin and fight against villians they plague Gotham City. This show was very, very popular in the 60's and still was popular long after it finished. The first two seasons were awesome but when they introduced Batgirl thats where it started to fall down and lose viewers. The successfully made a very good movie of the TV programme which is hard to do, and 2 years ago made a kinda benind the scenes, action movie of Batman where Adam West and Burt Ward try to defeat the The Riddler and Catwomen by going to things happened when they were filming Batman back in the 60's.
  • Will Batman and Robin succumb to the Riddler's nefarious deeds? Will they fall into the vat of acid? Tune in next time, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

    Batman does a great job of bring the fictional comic book character of Batman to life in this series. Adam West does a great job playing playing the billionaire turned crime fighter Bruce Wayne. Burt Ward does a great job playing Robin, and he doesn't look half bad in green tights. The shows rotating villains added comedy to this action series. They all made the same mistake, they caught Batman and Robin, they whipped out an ingenious method for killing them. They without taking a prime opportunity to see who Batman and Robin really were by removing their masks, they also leave before the Batman and Robin are killed, so Batman and Robin escape and go ans stop the villain and save the day. Overall, Batman is a great series, and well worth your time to watch it.
  • Batman ! Batman !

    Based on the characters of the comic books of the 1930's, Batman is the story of Bruce Wayne, a millioanre celebrity by day and a masked crusader, fighting against evil at night. Although the central character was Batman, what most viewers liked to watch were the famous villains: The Riddler, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, The Jocker, Catwoman, Two Face, etc. Each of them had an interesting story behind them: they all were ordinary people who became evil due to some unfortunate accidents in their lives.

    Batman also had the help of Robin, the boy wonder and Batwoman to fight evil whenever the people of Gotham city called him for help.

    What was most entertaining about the TV series was it was made for all ages and there was a lot of humor in the script. Also, the sound effects during fight scenes were also flashed on the screen (just as in comic books) such as: Biff ! Thud ! Bang ! etc. The movies which were later made by Hollywood were certainly no match for the TV series.
  • Unlike many Batman fans, I actually loved the show!

    People often misunderstand this show, and I can't see why! It is funny, and was MADE to be funny too, so you can't expect this to be downright serious, right? Besides, I don't know how people can even take this show seriously! The cast of characters were memorable IMO, especially Adam West who plays a great Batman. I know the "POW!" thing was kind of corny, but it was made to be a bit of fun.

    You should only watch this show if you have a sense of humour. Yes, Batman: The Animated series is my favourite Batman series, but this is a comedy so it can't really be compared to it. So if you expect another Batman: TAS out of this, then prepare to be disappointed!
  • She returns home and she is bringing her mum with her.

    She returns home and she is bringing her mum with her. Everyone is pleased to see they gives her a big hug. She asks himif she can ever forgive her for lying and he tells her the only way she can is if she tells the truth about the baby. But She tells her she can not do that because then he will never forgive her for lying to him.
  • Bringing Batman to life that early in the century was awesome enough, but casting Adam West in the lead? Oh Man! Don't get me started or I'll geek out all over the furniture!

    Just like the early comics, the show was fresh and original. It had an awesome cast of villains, a believable Alfred, an almost innocent Robin, and above all: A really cool Batmobile!!! I'll admit the follow negatives: Batman was a little bit too relaxed, Joker wasn't crazy enough, Penguin wasn't short or fat enough, and Catwoman wasn't good enough of an athlete. Other then the preceding short-comings, it was an all-around totally awesome show!! Not much more to say except that they really should show reruns of it on more channels more often. Other then that, I am content.

    - Adios
  • Great show!

    This Batman, is funny, not when it was made but watching it now, you have to laugh at it because of the stupid acting and really bad jokes in it.

    Batman is based on the Batman comics from DC. the show stares Adam West, which is not that great of an actor now, but back them he was a great actor. the show is great with the fight scence that will make you laugh with the POW and WHAM. You can really tell the time of the show from the out fit they wear, Batman no longer wears that costume, but never the less still a great show!
  • A campy version of the Batman series following the crime fighters battle against evil.

    A campy version of the Batman series following the crime fighters battle against evil. This version starred Adam West as Bruce N. Wayne / Batman and Burt Ward as Richard "Dick" Grayson / Robin "The Boy Wonder." It was one of those shows that made you laugh and have fun. The rest of the cast included Alan Napier as Alfred Pennyworth (The Butler), Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl, Stafford Repp as Chief O'Hara, David Lewis as Warden Crichton, Neil Hamilton (I)as Commissioner James W. Gordon, Byron Keith as Mayor Linseed and Madge Blake Aunt Harriet Cooper. William Dozier was the narrator who would say "tune in tommorw .... same bat time ... same bat channel."

  • I love you adam west!

    na na na na batman!!! the ultimate gay show, i dont care about queer eye for the straight gay this is the best lol not that i dont like it, i love it but its just so gay :P i KNOW that batman mustve bent robin over the batmobile more than once. i loved the fights, just so entertaining to watch, made just go about as a kid and punch my mates and shout ZAP and KAPOW, course they would hit me back for just being wierd :P but adam west, is he actually nuts now or just a old podgey guy thats a little wierd?
  • its just way to classic

    first of all im not sure how anyone could give it anything less than a 10 it is a friggen classic!!!its cheesey but so good!!!i have three copies of the movie!!!adam west should put that suit on once again!!!roll up some socks call burt ward and do a reunion show!!!please for all of us die hard batman fans!!!!
  • NaNa NaNa NaNa NaNa Batman!

    I don't think a lot of people know that this is perhaps one of the most faithful adaptations of Batman. Back in the '50s and '60s the Batman comics used to be just like this show. It was the result of the government cracking down on the industry. It happens to every art form and entertainment medium.
    The television series was very campy, but at the same time it felt as if the producers were doing a spoof. I know Batman was campy during those days, but don't you think the bat dance and villains like King Tut were a little too silly?
    Adam West played Batman and the supporting cast was very good. It featured Burt Ward, Ceasar Romero, and Julie Newmar to name a few.
    A few other veiws: First, for some reason I like the somewhat overweight Batman. Second, Batman must be a sick puppy; he wears a dark costume and Robin wears bright colors. Is Robin a target for bullets so Batman doesn't get hit?
  • This was a great old show, nothing but clever fun, chocked-full of sometimes veiled social commentary and at other times just full of mischief. Adam West was the perfect \\\"Batman\\\" for this series, that, like \\\"The Lone Ranger\\\" before it, occasio

    \\\"Batman\\\", the TV series was great fun. It combined wholesome homilies on the deleterious effects of crime on both society and the individual with clever humor and an occasional sense of delightful mischief; Who can ever forget Batman telling Jill St. John he does not wish to go out onto the dischoteque dance floor with her (while in full cape and cowl!) because he does \\\"not wish to be conspicuous\\\"?!?? Too much fun. \\\"The Riddler\\\" (the late Frank Gorshin) and Lee Meriwether\\\'s \\\"Catwoman\\\" were, for me, the best nemesis\\\' for \\\"The Caped Crusaders\\\" in this series. Along the way, in its flamboyant fashion, the series actually slipped in an occasionally serious message about various issues of the day, ranging from environmentalism to tolerance. Powww! Biff! Craaacckkk! Holy Hokie-isms! Has it been nearly forty years, or more? Sacre Bleu!
  • Oh yes the bat and his boy

    Come on...Adam West was the king of Batman. I loved this show growing up. The best part, was when they got into fights with the bad guys and they had the pause frame with the POW! BLAM! WHOMP! logos above. Then there was the very sexy Julie Newmar, as Catwoman. She was so very sexy. I know the bat had a thing for her, because I did. The boy wonder amused me, for he always seemed to be clueless, yet pissed off all the time. He really captured taht pissed off youngster role. Major props to Adam West, especially now since he is doing the Family Guy.
  • Why did they do this to my hero?

    Okay, I was a fan of this show when it premiered. I couldn't wait to see how the Dynamic Duo would escape the deathtrap that week's villain had laid out for them. Then, two things happened: (1) my age hit double digits and (2) I actually began to read the comic books. In my younger days, I didn't know that the show was meant as a comedy and the thing is Batman is anything but a comic character (comic book character, yes; comic character, no). If you take into consideration what drove Bruce Wayne to become a crimefighter in the first place (Dick Grayson, too, for that matter), they would not turn out anything like Adam West and Burt Ward.

    Then, there are the portrayal of the villains: the Joker (Cesar Romero) obviously had a mustache under his make-up, thus destroying the illusion that the Joker isn't wearing make-up. Not to mention that the comic book Joker is a homicidal maniac while the TV Joker was about as frightening as Ronald McDonald. Catwoman (Julie Newmar/Eartha Kitt), in the comic books, would never commit murder nor allow anyone working for her to commit it because she never wanted a murder rap hanging over her. Yet, on the show, she'd put Batman and Robin in deathtrap after deathtrap. The Penguin (Burgess Meredith) seemed more annoying than deadly and the Riddler (Frank Gorshin/John Astin) actually seemed more like the Joker. The only villain that I actually found intimidating was the Mad Hatter (David Wayne) because he actually seemed as if he could kill Batman. Of the three Mr. Freezes (George Sanders/Eli Wallach/Otto Preminger), Otto Preminger seemed the best. Partly because his accent was real.

    I give the show props for attempting to do a comic book in live format. All of the garish costumes and gadgets were brought into living color on TV. I'm just upset that they chose to portray the most intimidating hero from comic books as a overgrown boy scout. Thank goodness, Tim Burton came along when he did.

    This is not a original bob kane 1930's version. It's disgrace! No darker tone, no action, no drama, no batman tragedy story, when his parents were shot! This show is terrible! Why would someone create a comedy 60's batman show?!

    I've give this show 1 out of 10!

    This show will never be the best!
  • Not a bad show if you're feeling goofy.

    I really like Super Heroes, animated and otherwise. However I've never really been a big Batman fan and I find this particular show a bit corny. I will probably still watch it if I ever see it come on, but it's definately not one of my favorites, yet it is a classic.
  • just a classic campy 60's product

    i was 4 years old when this show came out and i was always ready for it to come on in living color. i would get my batman gear i had and lay on the floor and watch this. Adan West was a under-rated actor who is known now as the mayor in Family guy, and Burt Ward his adopted partner. the show had some great actors of the time such as Vincent Price, Victor Bruno,Burgess Merideth. it was a short lived show that brought great relief in 1966-68 from a period that was growing in turmoil. remember "same Bat time same Bat station".
  • Riddle me this batman...

    Oh what a great show! Who can ever forget the riddler's maniacal laugh? I don't believe the people involved with the show that they purposely made this show to be funny. Whatever the case may be it is good for some laughs. You don't have to be a batfreak to enjoy this series.
  • Flat out lame.

    When will they ever learn that Batman shows never have any good action in them? The action is lame. No good villans, no good skills, and no good humor. I cannot believe they would do anything to continue on with this stupid show. I am so glad it is no longer aired.
  • Great show. Fun for kids; funny for adults.

    This is great! I just wish someone would do something about getting it released on DVD!
    I first saw it when I was a kid and they would show it on morning TV. I used to think it was a bit weird and just a bit too serious.
    However, as a kid, you take all of it seriously.
    Now I'm older though, I can understand the humour. I saw a bit of the 60s "Batman: The Movie" a few years back and I realised that it had been humourous, but that I hadn't seen it as a child.
    A lot of people think it was a parody of the comics but I disagree. A lot of the actual comic books at that time were making fun of themselves in the same way.
    Unfortunately, they haven't repeated it recently, even on satellite TV. I just wish I could get chance to see it again. I want to see the humour again, as I've only seen documentary clips and I want whole episodes now.
    Also, I love Julie Newmar as Catwoman. She was hot! Still is.
  • "Batman and Robin"

    This was a really cool show, i liked it alot it was kinda gay but still very intresting. it had mild action and is a true classic. i used to think that they were a great gay couple, but i realised they weren't gay at all they just liked what they did witch is a great way to be good at some thing.
  • POW

    this show is great. i have the movie on DVD but is it possible to get the episodes on DVD? if it is that would be a rockin times 3. i like this show its really corny its dum how catwoman always changes though shes always different. super show.

  • First live action Batman show.

    The show is pretty good, even though it is corny most of the time. The show was a great installment to the Batman ledgend and I think the writters did a good job with making it a comodey/action adventure thing and that is very hard to do. It's not hard to tell that the suites and costumes where based on Dick Sprang's work in the 50's and he is a great artist. Bill Finger's appearance in writting it was good and I think he should have written more, since the series ended way before he died. At least 6 years. I think the show was pretty good.
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