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  • The Campy series that brought back the almost canceled comic book.

    Adam West and Burt Ward starred in this really great series based on the comic book super hero.
    We followed the adventured of Batman (West) and Robin (Ward) as they thrawt crime in Gothem City.
    Also on nabd was their butler Alfred (Alan Neipar), who was the only one who knew who they were.
    Neil Hamilton and Stafford Repp played Comissener Gordon and Cheif O'Hara , as they always called the heros to capture the villians.
    More then ever there was Pinguin, the most used,played by Burgess Merideth, Joker(Cearser Romero).Riddler(Frank Gorsin and John Austin),CatWoman (Julie Newmar and then Etha Kitt)
    The show premered in Jan. 1966 and was an instant hit, by the time the second season came up the series started to go down hill, then in 1967, the series gained Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, but due to low budgeting and less than great fight sences in this season, the show was canceled.
    But, the series more than likely became one of the true cult classics of its day.
  • The original Batman show where Batman and Robin fought the classic Batman villians.

    The show is wierd and unrealistic. Unlike Batman Begins and other recent Batman things it's not very dark at all. It introduced Batman do others who didn't read the comics. It is worth watching but if you aren't you used to it or you haven't seen it before you'll probably hate it.
  • What's criminal is that all legal parties haven't gotten together to release this masterpiece on DVD! It would be The Holy Grail of TV DVD Season Sets.

    Yes!!! This was the show, baby!!! (And, in a great number of ways, it still is! :) )

    I owned toy replicas of The Batmobile and The Batboat manufactured by Corgi Toys!!! I was a very avid, devoted viewer of it (both TV and movie versions!) in The Big Easy on W.G.N.O. TV Channel 26 in the 1970s and on W.N.O.L. TV Channel 38 in the 1980s! A Sunday Morning ritual in both eras.

    That was before, in 1989, The Family Channel claimed the rights to air Batman (coinciding with the new release from Warner Bros.), with--*choke!*--precious minutes edited from the episodes to accommodate tight commercial airtime space!!! There have been subequent runs, on F/X, The Sci-Fi Channel, and TV Land, but there've been no improvements there, either! Each channel has butchered it in his own inimitable way.

    Now that TV Land's rights to Batman have expired, it's Battime it found a Batchannel which'll do it justice---i.e. show it digitally remastered and uncut with all original scenes--- meaning Encore Action. Currently, it's giving said treatment to The Green Hornet and The Time Tunnel, both produced by 20th Century-Fox TV (like Batman) and both originally ratings disasters in A.B.C. primetime in 1966-67 (unlike Batman). Encore Action, if you're reading this...please, give us Batfans a break! 16+ years of choking down serving after serving after serving after serving after serving of butchered Batman repeats is enough!

    And what would be an even bigger Batbreak would be for all involved legal parties---D.C. Comics, ABC-TV, 20th Century-Fox TV and the William Dozier estate---to strike a deal and release all 2 1/2 seasons on DVD! The crucial addition to any TV DVD collection!
  • This truly is a classic and it's one of my favorite TV shows. Riddle me this, riddle me that, when will Warner Brothers put this classic in a season DVD set? Time will tell, but please don't frown, the answer to this question isn't far in reach.

    I have the 1966 movie on DVD and have always enjoyed this classic series when it's been on TV. It was on TVLand a year or so ago, and I loved every episode that aired. This is my favorite super hero/comic book TV show. Besides Batman & Robin, I really enjoyed the creative villains that stared on the show. There were so many great ones, it’s hard just to name one.

    Batmania ran wild in the 60's and I wish I could've been a part of it.

    The only downfall of this show, like many, is it's not on DVD in seasons yet, and I'm kind of surprised. The animated series is on DVD, but a cult classic comic book TV show isn't?

    Maybe some day all of us 'Bat Fanatics' will get our wish, but in the meantime we can always wish and hope for the best.
  • i enjoyed batman the show it was funny, but didnt portray the characters well, especially the villains. i gave it an 8.5 because it was halarious. batman (Adam west) was the main charachter leading his fight against villains like the joker the riddler cat

    i LOVE this show the it is the 2nd greatest batman show other than the animated series most people will say its horrible but it isnt the animation and acting was horrible but it was sooooooo stupid it was funny. I wish that they would show on A M C every once in a great while. i love this show. They should show every day it is such a great show. i hope A M C starts to show the batman show on again. i would pay to see it on again. screw flanders screw flanders screw flanders screw flanders
  • Classic Television

    The campy adventures of Batman and Robin are still amusing, even today. It's not as serious, but get over it. It was the 60s! The enemys are hilarious and classic. This show is a real classic television show. Adam West was the oringinal Batman (before he became washed up.) TV Land should bring back the reruns of this show.
  • Funny It Was, Ture To The Comic It Was Not!

    A saw this in Reruns growing up as a little kid.

    It was funny to me back then and I loved the movie they did too.

    But as time went by and I started to read Batman comic books I found the series to be very stuiped and a insult to the comics.

    Well I can say the same for alot of the Batman Movies too!
  • BAM! BIFF! POW!! It doesn't get any better than this!!

    This show was classic TV at it's best. Pure escapism. Isn't that what it's all about? To forget the daily grind and just enjoy? That's what Batman was for me. I was only four years old when Batman first aired. The original airing is not what I remember the most. My fondest memory of this series is it's syndication run. Running home from school as fast as I could to watch Gilligan's Island and Batman. It did not get any better than that.
    Batman was ahead of its time. How many shows today have the biggest names in Hollywood clamoring to be on the show? Yes, there are shows that Hollywood stars want to be on today, but not to the same degree. Every episode had a new HUGE Hollywood talent guest starring... Vincent Price, Milton Berle, Otto Preminger, Anne Baxter, Victor Buono, Roddy McDowall, Art Carney, and the list goes on and on. This show is the essence of what classic television is all about.
  • This show saved the Batman franchise, so for that it scores points. Yet, strictly on quality it loses a few. By today's standards it is no more than a corny B rated show, but in its day, that corny brand of humor and action served as a hit. KAPOW?

    This show saved the Batman franchise, so for that it scores points. Yet, strictly on quality it loses a few. By today's standards it is no more than a corny B rated show, but in its day, that corny brand of humor and action served as a hit. The dialogue is by no means great, the acting is by no means emmy worth, and the action affects are by no means astonishing, yet somehow this show survived. Why? because this cross between a superhero that people could identify with and light hearted clean humor was just what its era called for. The bigger question is how it was able to survive in the 90's being played on FOX kids afternoons. I will say this though, this show was very influential in the fact that nearly everyone knows who Adam West is and nearly everyone has heard the saying "holy rusted metal Batman".

    My final review: By no means great (infact most of its positive score is due to the fact that it was popoular at its time and saved the franchise), but if you go in with a light hearted approach, not expecting much, this show will entertain you.
  • When I was a kid I loved watching the Batman series I think they should bring it back on any channel. I grew up in the Bronx N.Y. & I remembercoming home & watching Batman, Please bring it back.

    My review of Batman is it was very exciting to watch I always came back to see if Batman&Robin the Boy Wonder got out of the traps the villians always had for them. I enjoyed watching Batman for many years & I miss it right now, please bring it back.
  • One of the corniest and mocked shows ever, but unique and unforgettable.

    Back when this show came out, it was an amazing show and was very popular. Now, you can watch it and make fun of almost everything in every scene. All the "ZOW" "BOOM" "KAZOO"s flashing up on the scene during fights it so corny. The riddles by The Riddler are impossible, but Batman and Robin figure them out instantly. It's like they're geniuses, but then they get themselves into traps. Everything Batman and Robin say and do and have (i.e. their equipment) are corny. Everything I've said about the shows seems like a negative, but it has a classic feel (it IS classic because it's 40 yrs old) and there's something about it that makes you want to watch it. A must see, even for the laughs. You'd actually be laughing during a "serious" tv show.
  • It wasn't true to the comic, but the show is classic.

    Just admit it. You like the show even if you know it's campy and stupid. This show was totally different from the comics but the show made Batman more famous. The show is a true classic and it's very funny even if Batman is just a campy idiot instead of a dark warrior.
  • Enjoyable on different levels.

    As my summary says, this show is enjoyable on different levels, much like one of my favorite movies, Pee Wee's Big Adventure. It had all the great action, bright colors and crazy characters that kids love. At the same time, it has over-the-top dialogue (sometimes featuring innuendo and double entendres) that only older ones would understand.

    The series never took itself too seriously, which is its greatest strength. If it had been a typical crime drama show, people may not have given it the attention it deserved. One evidence of this is the series The Green Hornet, which was produced by the same team at the same time. It was an excellent series, but never caught on like Batman, possibly because people were expecting more of a cartoony show. There was a crossover, where Green Hornet and Kato appeared on Batman in a nice bit of cross-promotion (Batman was also seen on a TV at least once in The Green Hornet as well).

    This is yet another in a long line of shows where the actors involved were typecast, yet, despite ups and downs, they seem alright with that now. Adam West, in particular, plays all his roles in a tongue-in-cheek manner, which works well for him. He was definitely a serious actor before the show, but playing the Dark Knight changed things forever for him. He has embraced his role in the Batman universe by even appearing on Batman: The Animated Series on the episode "Beware the Gray Ghost," and as Mayor Grange on the series The Batman.

    All in all, a very entertaining show with many memorable characters portrayed by actors who really played them to the hilt!
  • classic

    Although there is another batman series ( The Batman ) And Batman Beyond was batman in the future. But this one (Batman TAS) Is by far the best out of these three. Good thing it was in my childhood because i used to every morning wake up to watch it also the superman TAS too.
  • It's all about Adam West BABY!!

    It's all about Adam West BABY!! I remember watching this as a kid--no batman can touch the bat dance!!

    The BANG! BOOM! writing on the screen while batman kicked and punch at his foe! PURE CHEESE but good chese!

    The evil vilians were a whole another reason to watch--who could forget the "puurrrfectly" cheesy catwoman fighting batgirl episodes!

    And let's not froget the tight clothed Robin, the boy wonder! oh, how a poor many-a-girl dream of the flesh under that wonder!! lol.

    I'm gettin too off topic, it was a great show *clap clap*

    TWO cheesy THUMBS UP!!

  • Adam West stars as Batman, in a show based on the comics.

    This show is from a ong time ago, and it can be hilarious, especially the way they talk in it, and the fight scenes are the terrible. The fight scenes look more like a ballet then a fight. I watch this show when I'm bored on some of the networks that still show it (which I'm surprised to see). The costumes are horrible in, Batman is sopposed to be a dark crusader, not light. That's probably just me, but it seems to me that they use the Bat-Signal, not a phone. The acting on this show is brutal (the charactors are so fake in it, so that isn't necassarly the actors fault as they didn't know how to play Batman charactors). There are absolutly, no good special effects. Mostly when someone gets hit, they make up words Bam and Pow, and flash them blocking the fight. Anyway this can be quite funny at times, but if your not the kind of person who likes watch cheesy old show, because they are funny, maybe this show isn't for you.
  • If you are a fan of Batman! - Then definatly check this show out. It is a classic.

    Even though this show definatly has its cheesy appeal, The original Batman t.v. series is a great show. This show was filled with great actors who potrayed some of the most famous comic book characters such as The Joker, The Riddler, Batman, Alfred, The Penguin, Catwoman, Robin, The Mad Hatter, and Comishiner Gordan. The plots were similar every episode. The 1st part of every two part episode Batman and Robin were always caught in a trap and then the second half ther escaped and brought down the villan. This show was groundbreaking for bringing comic characters to telivision and the big screen. I recommend Batman to any superhero fan.
  • It's not how the real batman is but it was funny . . .

    It was a good show, i downloaded the episodes, but it was more a funny show, then a adventures show, sometimes the episodes are good, and others i just cant see, because it was boring.

    Resuming, this was a good show, funny, but it's not one of the best batmans that i saw.
  • Nostalgia galore!

    I remember watching this show as a kid and not only enjoying it thoroughly, but also taking it 100 percent seriously! As a youngster the satire was lost on me, I really thought Batman and the Boy Wonder risked dying at the end of every damn episode.

    What makes Batman different from any other TV-show is the sets, the baddies, Batman's one-liners and so on. Batman presents an idealistic version of reality, and as much as I like Tim Burton's grim and dark feature-length visions, it's a good thing that there exists a sun in this Gotham City.

    Watching the show today, it has different qualities than when I watched it when I was younger. The fights are hilarious, and I also laugh at the dialogue and almost everything else too since it's so campy and corny. I still enjoy it and think it's one of the best shows ever made. And I'm glad swedish commercial digital-tv brought it back if only for this summer (?). As a kid I never saw the episodes with Bat-girl, I'm not even sure they were aired. Unfortunately even for Batman this addition gets too much even for Batman. This soup did not need another chef and it's sad to see that yet another show, a true classic like this one, went steeply downhill right before the end.
  • It may have seemed like a good idea back then, but the original batman series were subpar kids shows. Besides the obvious gay overtone(which was "solved" when the introduced batgirl) the stories are barely original.

    It may have seemed like a good idea back then, but the original batman series were subpar kids shows. Besides the obvious gay overtone(which was "solved" when the introduced batgirl) the stories are barely original. Something bad happens. Batman and robin get on the case. The use the bat something to find out wat the plan is. But the villian knows it and sets a trap for the dynamic duo. they meet. fight scene with enough action to power florescent light. Then it gets solved. but did give way for some other shows. Made batman famous again and it turned batman from a funloving, slightly gay superhero into a dark creature of the night.
  • god this show is funny

    this isnt the kind of show you can write 50 words about. its simply moronically entertaining in its crappiness. the networked produced 2 episodes of this show a week, as is visible with the hilarious result.
    "no joker, your sneeze powder has no effect on me. luckily i took my anti allergy pill."
  • I just had to watch it for the guest stars.

    I have to say that Batman is a funny spoof off the comics. However I personally watch it for the great guest stars that would show up at the same bat time same bat channel. I just loved seeing some of my favorite actors playing these off the wall charters. At the time these guest stars were some big names in Hollywood. You had, Burgess Meredith as the Penguin, Cesar Romero as the Joker, Julie Newmar as the Catwoman, Frank Gorshin and the Riddler, and my favorite Vincent Price as Egghead. Plus to top it off you had cameos from other big names, Cher, Sunny Bono, Milton Berle, Dick Clark, Sammy Davis, JR, and Don Ho just to name a few. You never new who was going to drop in on the show and that’s why I liked it so much.
  • This show had great humor decent acting and funny charcters and was cut prematurely.

    If it was not for this show having money issues it would have made more than 3 seasons. This is still having alot of people watching this today when i wrote this it was one of the top 25 for viewing of shows that day. That says something when it was cancelled over 3o years ago. A great show.
  • Best Batman show ever!

    Wow, first time I saw this I drooled, not just for the funny plot, the actors, the special effects but for the genuine feeling it created.
    I love nostalgia and this was the second 60's show I've seen, even though "The Man From U.N.C.L.E" has way better quality, Batman has the charm that takes to get me watching.

    You clearly see a pattern in the episodes after you've watched a dozen, but some times the plot really takes some deviant turns an gives a extra twist to the show.
    Why I'm enchanted by this show must be that the atmosphere feels so right, I could just blab along with all the things that makes this a great show, but watch it for your self and you'll get my point.
  • Corny Capers with the Dynamic Duo!

    I remember watching re-runs of this when I was a child during my Summer holidays and it was this that got me hooked on Batman, but I feel the 60's series is not really much more than a joke despite this series being an undeniable classic. It was also thanks to this series I dressed up as The Joker for a fancy dress party.
  • Corny, but funny nonetheless

    dana dana dana dana BATMAN! Lets begin at the basics. This show is what made Adam West and Burt Ward what they are today, classic TV stars. Sure, it was corny with the "Bang", "Zwop" and "Pow" effect cards, but I think that's what drew in viewers. This show is on every now and then on TV Land, which if your lucky enough, your cable provider will have.
  • corny yet classic

    This show was on before I was even born, but I watched the re-runs and it was great, the action signs were a little corny but not bad for a show of the 60s, Burt Ward and Adam West were great as where the villans. I had some of them on tape but I don't know what happened to them. Anyway a great show.
  • Based on Bob Kane's comic book series from DC Comics, this is a campy version of Batman who is hardly the Dark Knight Detective in this series.

    Holy Classic TV, Batman! I'm one of the rare Batfans who love the comic book series with its dark and brooding tone as well as this campy series that's played for laughs. Batman is one of the 100 greatest TV shows ever! Adam West and Burt Ward are perfect as the campy version of the Dynamic Duo. And the actors who portrayed the Rogues' Gallery of Villains was superb. I also think Yvonne Craig who joined the cast in the third season may have been my first crush (I was six years old at the time). This show needs to be released on DVD! Soon!
  • The show depicted the humor that I loved in the 60\'s which had dry sense of humor to it. Other movies during that era were \"The Pink Panther\" with Peter Sellers. Adam West and Burt Ward were perfect as the Dynamic Duo. Put This on DVD please!

    I feel with sitcoms today, people don\'t really have to think. We need instant gratification, and we have people thinking for us and controlling us in the television world. We need to get back to TV shows that created good value and a witty sense of humor.

    Batman and Robin of the 60\'s was truly a classic. Used the media, actors and current issues as part their show. This show was for the family was for the whole family....hard to find this day and age!

    Put This on DVD please!!!!
  • First live action Batman show.

    The show is pretty good, even though it is corny most of the time. The show was a great installment to the Batman ledgend and I think the writters did a good job with making it a comodey/action adventure thing and that is very hard to do. It's not hard to tell that the suites and costumes where based on Dick Sprang's work in the 50's and he is a great artist. Bill Finger's appearance in writting it was good and I think he should have written more, since the series ended way before he died. At least 6 years. I think the show was pretty good.
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