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  • This has to be the dumbest show ever produced outside of a mental hospital!

    This has to be the worst Batman series ever made! It was poorly written and badly acted, this show was goofy, and completely pointless and just plain reeked of stupidity that would make a pre-school student look like a college professor!

    The fighting scenes were cheesy and the special effects stupid and embarrassing, the storylines were uninspired and ignorant or just plain sloppy! The only good thing about this show was the two women who played Catwoman, other than that this show is stupid and a complete waste of time and as entertaining as watching grass grow on a hotday.
  • Flat out lame.

    When will they ever learn that Batman shows never have any good action in them? The action is lame. No good villans, no good skills, and no good humor. I cannot believe they would do anything to continue on with this stupid show. I am so glad it is no longer aired.

    This is not a original bob kane 1930's version. It's disgrace! No darker tone, no action, no drama, no batman tragedy story, when his parents were shot! This show is terrible! Why would someone create a comedy 60's batman show?!

    I've give this show 1 out of 10!

    This show will never be the best!
  • Adam West stars as Batman, in a show based on the comics.

    This show is from a ong time ago, and it can be hilarious, especially the way they talk in it, and the fight scenes are the terrible. The fight scenes look more like a ballet then a fight. I watch this show when I'm bored on some of the networks that still show it (which I'm surprised to see). The costumes are horrible in, Batman is sopposed to be a dark crusader, not light. That's probably just me, but it seems to me that they use the Bat-Signal, not a phone. The acting on this show is brutal (the charactors are so fake in it, so that isn't necassarly the actors fault as they didn't know how to play Batman charactors). There are absolutly, no good special effects. Mostly when someone gets hit, they make up words Bam and Pow, and flash them blocking the fight. Anyway this can be quite funny at times, but if your not the kind of person who likes watch cheesy old show, because they are funny, maybe this show isn't for you.
  • Not a bad show if you're feeling goofy.

    I really like Super Heroes, animated and otherwise. However I've never really been a big Batman fan and I find this particular show a bit corny. I will probably still watch it if I ever see it come on, but it's definately not one of my favorites, yet it is a classic.
  • Funny It Was, Ture To The Comic It Was Not!

    A saw this in Reruns growing up as a little kid.

    It was funny to me back then and I loved the movie they did too.

    But as time went by and I started to read Batman comic books I found the series to be very stuiped and a insult to the comics.

    Well I can say the same for alot of the Batman Movies too!
  • I honestly don't know how to rate this show. When I was a kid and Batman was new to TV, I couldn't wait to get home to see this show! Watching it now is just utterly painful - man, I was a stupid kid back then.

    There must be a fine line between good camp and just plain bad, and if there is: I don't know what the difference is. Everyone calls Batman pure camp. Watching it now, I'd just call it plain bad. The difference must be that anything pretending to be good - but isn't - must be bad, and anything that's bad - and knows it - must be camp. This show is definitely not for the Batman purist. It's a tongue-in-cheek live-action cartoon. It's shamelessly and flamboyantly ridiculous. And it's delivered some of the most memorable actors and characters in show biz: Burgess Meredith's Penguin, Frank Gorshin's Riddler, Cesar Romero's Joker, Julie Newmar's Catwoman... and of course, Adam West's Batman and Burt Ward's Robin.
  • POW

    this show is great. i have the movie on DVD but is it possible to get the episodes on DVD? if it is that would be a rockin times 3. i like this show its really corny its dum how catwoman always changes though shes always different. super show.

  • Why did they do this to my hero?

    Okay, I was a fan of this show when it premiered. I couldn't wait to see how the Dynamic Duo would escape the deathtrap that week's villain had laid out for them. Then, two things happened: (1) my age hit double digits and (2) I actually began to read the comic books. In my younger days, I didn't know that the show was meant as a comedy and the thing is Batman is anything but a comic character (comic book character, yes; comic character, no). If you take into consideration what drove Bruce Wayne to become a crimefighter in the first place (Dick Grayson, too, for that matter), they would not turn out anything like Adam West and Burt Ward.

    Then, there are the portrayal of the villains: the Joker (Cesar Romero) obviously had a mustache under his make-up, thus destroying the illusion that the Joker isn't wearing make-up. Not to mention that the comic book Joker is a homicidal maniac while the TV Joker was about as frightening as Ronald McDonald. Catwoman (Julie Newmar/Eartha Kitt), in the comic books, would never commit murder nor allow anyone working for her to commit it because she never wanted a murder rap hanging over her. Yet, on the show, she'd put Batman and Robin in deathtrap after deathtrap. The Penguin (Burgess Meredith) seemed more annoying than deadly and the Riddler (Frank Gorshin/John Astin) actually seemed more like the Joker. The only villain that I actually found intimidating was the Mad Hatter (David Wayne) because he actually seemed as if he could kill Batman. Of the three Mr. Freezes (George Sanders/Eli Wallach/Otto Preminger), Otto Preminger seemed the best. Partly because his accent was real.

    I give the show props for attempting to do a comic book in live format. All of the garish costumes and gadgets were brought into living color on TV. I'm just upset that they chose to portray the most intimidating hero from comic books as a overgrown boy scout. Thank goodness, Tim Burton came along when he did.
  • Loved it as a child

    I loved this show when it was being aired on ABC. It always ticked me off on the cliffhanger endings. But often ABC would either do a back to back show or air the conclusion the following night which probably helped it to last as long as it did. I looked at some of the episodes again when the first Batman movie came out back in 1989 and these original shows resurfaced on the FX channel. As an adult I would say they did not hold up well at all but as a child I would say they were still pretty good. Definitely no worse than the Doodlebops, the Wiggles or Fraggle Rock
  • Holy Bat Guano Batman. I have to admit I watched this show as a young person and I found it entertaining. Still it wasn't the best of shows during that time.

    First of all I need to comment on the fact that this show was new when I first saw it. I remember the hype and the commercials of the Bat Mobile zooming down the highway. That's what got me, the Bat Mobile, I was fortunate to see the actual car at a carshow back then and yes, I built the model. Now on to the show. Adam west was less than believable and the ponch made it hard to see him as Batman (I was a huge Batman comic book reader), Burt Ward was a much better Robin and of course if it wasn't for the talents of Burgess Merideth (Penquin), Frank Gorshin (Riddler), Julie Newmar (Catwoman, yum) and Cesar Romero (Joker) the show would have been pretty boring. We can't forget Madge Blake (Aunt Harriet) and Alan Napier (Alfred) witout whom the dynamic duo couldn't have accomplished so much. OK so I remember the show and I was a fan of the time, but the best part of the show to me was absolutely the Bat Mobile.
  • The original Batman show where Batman and Robin fought the classic Batman villians.

    The show is wierd and unrealistic. Unlike Batman Begins and other recent Batman things it's not very dark at all. It introduced Batman do others who didn't read the comics. It is worth watching but if you aren't you used to it or you haven't seen it before you'll probably hate it.
  • It's not how the real batman is but it was funny . . .

    It was a good show, i downloaded the episodes, but it was more a funny show, then a adventures show, sometimes the episodes are good, and others i just cant see, because it was boring.

    Resuming, this was a good show, funny, but it's not one of the best batmans that i saw.
  • "Batman and Robin"

    This was a really cool show, i liked it alot it was kinda gay but still very intresting. it had mild action and is a true classic. i used to think that they were a great gay couple, but i realised they weren't gay at all they just liked what they did witch is a great way to be good at some thing.
  • It's all about Adam West BABY!!

    It's all about Adam West BABY!! I remember watching this as a kid--no batman can touch the bat dance!!

    The BANG! BOOM! writing on the screen while batman kicked and punch at his foe! PURE CHEESE but good chese!

    The evil vilians were a whole another reason to watch--who could forget the "puurrrfectly" cheesy catwoman fighting batgirl episodes!

    And let's not froget the tight clothed Robin, the boy wonder! oh, how a poor many-a-girl dream of the flesh under that wonder!! lol.

    I'm gettin too off topic, it was a great show *clap clap*

    TWO cheesy THUMBS UP!!

  • Oh yes the bat and his boy

    Come on...Adam West was the king of Batman. I loved this show growing up. The best part, was when they got into fights with the bad guys and they had the pause frame with the POW! BLAM! WHOMP! logos above. Then there was the very sexy Julie Newmar, as Catwoman. She was so very sexy. I know the bat had a thing for her, because I did. The boy wonder amused me, for he always seemed to be clueless, yet pissed off all the time. He really captured taht pissed off youngster role. Major props to Adam West, especially now since he is doing the Family Guy.
  • Batman In The Bat Closet?

    I was five when the show first aired and loved it. Recently bought the DVDs - season 3 sucked - obvious they were running out of ideas and brought in Batgirl, which didn'[t work for me.

    Anyhow, I've read there is a controversy about Batman being gay. If you watch the series, he obviously is.

    #1 Catwoman, being hauled off to jail, asks Batman for a kiss. but he is a deputized officer of the law and she is a criminal, so he won't kiss her, but will take a "raincheck" - a polite way to say "No!"

    #2 In one episode, they are in a house and she suggests some adult fun. he refuses for pretty much the same reason.

    #3 In the episode where Catwoman goes to college, Bruce Wayne is her "sponsor" while she is out of parole and is supposed to help rehabilitate her, but he doesn't do anything so she will remain a criminal and Batman can use the same excuse if she decides to get frisky again.

    I don't know about other guys, but if a woman who looks like Catwoman was interested in me, I wouldn't care if she were Jacqueline the Ripper!.
  • Nice one!

    A wise man once said "The 60s Batman movie is the greatest ever." I should know, because I was that wise man.

    OK, it might not be the greatest movie, but it is one of the awesomest movies ever. Only in 'Batman' could intelligent writers come up with some of the most illogical situations and cheesiest dialog committed to screen.

    A Yacht disappears in Gotham Harbour ("How can a yacht simply disappear... unless, it was never really there!"). On board was a 'superdehydrator', a machine that can extract the moisture from any living being, and in of the most logical displays of logic ever, Batman and friends logically come to the (correct) conclusion that the culprits are the combined forces of Penguin, Joker, the Riddler and Catwoman, apparently intent on world domination.

    'Batman is scene-after-scene of pure brilliance - great situations, and the greatest dialog ever. 'Batman' is very funny, but only if you appreciate and enjoy the style, otherwise you will hate it. But only those who lack a sense of awesomeness would not like it, and who is really so un-awesome, that they can't even find the captioned fights just that little bit amusing?

    8/10 - Awesome, simply awesome
  • It wasn't true to the comic, but the show is classic.

    Just admit it. You like the show even if you know it's campy and stupid. This show was totally different from the comics but the show made Batman more famous. The show is a true classic and it's very funny even if Batman is just a campy idiot instead of a dark warrior.
  • Riddle me this batman...

    Oh what a great show! Who can ever forget the riddler's maniacal laugh? I don't believe the people involved with the show that they purposely made this show to be funny. Whatever the case may be it is good for some laughs. You don't have to be a batfreak to enjoy this series.
  • Great show!

    This Batman, is funny, not when it was made but watching it now, you have to laugh at it because of the stupid acting and really bad jokes in it.

    Batman is based on the Batman comics from DC. the show stares Adam West, which is not that great of an actor now, but back them he was a great actor. the show is great with the fight scence that will make you laugh with the POW and WHAM. You can really tell the time of the show from the out fit they wear, Batman no longer wears that costume, but never the less still a great show!
  • First live action Batman show.

    The show is pretty good, even though it is corny most of the time. The show was a great installment to the Batman ledgend and I think the writters did a good job with making it a comodey/action adventure thing and that is very hard to do. It's not hard to tell that the suites and costumes where based on Dick Sprang's work in the 50's and he is a great artist. Bill Finger's appearance in writting it was good and I think he should have written more, since the series ended way before he died. At least 6 years. I think the show was pretty good.
  • This show had great humor decent acting and funny charcters and was cut prematurely.

    If it was not for this show having money issues it would have made more than 3 seasons. This is still having alot of people watching this today when i wrote this it was one of the top 25 for viewing of shows that day. That says something when it was cancelled over 3o years ago. A great show.
  • As cool as YOU make it

    If you approach it from the standpoint that the main so

    Of the producers was to be crazy and corny, this show is one of the best there can be. Don't take the action too seriously and you'll love it. Third season they overestimated what they could do with the camp - that's why it failed. I've tried to explain more here:
  • To The Batcave!

    We all know how campy this show is. This version of Batman is nothing like today's Batman. It's fun to watch this old Batman show. Adam West, Burt Ward, Frank Gorshin, Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, and every actor involved with the show put on brilliant performances. Most of the episodes are just outright bizarre or unrealistic, but this makes for great humor and entertainment. I have to admit I did not like the third season of the show because of many reasons. Here are a few things that made me not like the third season: I hate Batgirl, the villains were not much of a threat, the writing was mainly terrible, and there was way too much emphasis on comedy and cheesiness for my taste. Overall though I love the show. The first two seasons were amazing. If you have not seen this show then check it out. It's good fun.
  • Da-da da-da da-da da-da, Batman! How can I ever forget the thrill I felt as a 12 year-old parked in front of my TV set for the twice-weekly dose of the adventures of the Caped Crusader that I absolutely lived for. Yeah, it was campy, but boy was it fun!

    I believe it's time for a re-examination of this groundbreaking, but much-maligned series. Batman was meant to be good, silly fun- no more, no less. If you come to this program expecting the Dark Knight of our current cynical time, you will probably be highly disappointed.

    This was a different era: the mid 60's. JFK had been assassinated, so our long period of national innocence had been wounded, but not yet dealt the killing blows of the RFK and MLK murders. The Summer of Love had not yet happened, but the seeds of counterculture had been planted and were sprouting up all over the place. Batman, with its bright, cotton-candy set decoration color scheme and pre-psychedelic sensibilities, presaged the carefree attitude and relaxed cultural mores that were to follow. The series’ often-derided irreverent take on Gotham City’s iconic Caped Crusader was a reflection of the general rejection of Establishment values that was going on in the country. Tongue firmly in cheek, this show broadly winked at the audience. And the cast was obviously was in on the joke.

    Watching the show now, in reruns, I can appreciate even more the amazing characterization created by Adam West. This was uncharted territory, this spoofing of a superhero, especially an all-business one like Batman. But West left an indelible mark on pop culture with his fearless immersion into the role, impeccable reading, and crack timing. The supporting cast members were also impressive, and the guest stars were to die for. Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith, Caesar Romero, Eartha Kitt (sorry, Julie Newmar, she was the only Catwoman for me), and numerous others. Watching these seasoned pros gleefully sink their teeth into their roles was one of the highlights of the entire series for me.

    Well, that’s it for my little review. Will I write another one? Will anyone even read this one? Stay tuned next week- same Bat Time, same Bat Station!
  • A campy version of the Batman series following the crime fighters battle against evil.

    A campy version of the Batman series following the crime fighters battle against evil. This version starred Adam West as Bruce N. Wayne / Batman and Burt Ward as Richard "Dick" Grayson / Robin "The Boy Wonder." It was one of those shows that made you laugh and have fun. The rest of the cast included Alan Napier as Alfred Pennyworth (The Butler), Yvonne Craig as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl, Stafford Repp as Chief O'Hara, David Lewis as Warden Crichton, Neil Hamilton (I)as Commissioner James W. Gordon, Byron Keith as Mayor Linseed and Madge Blake Aunt Harriet Cooper. William Dozier was the narrator who would say "tune in tommorw .... same bat time ... same bat channel."

  • I love you adam west!

    na na na na batman!!! the ultimate gay show, i dont care about queer eye for the straight gay this is the best lol not that i dont like it, i love it but its just so gay :P i KNOW that batman mustve bent robin over the batmobile more than once. i loved the fights, just so entertaining to watch, made just go about as a kid and punch my mates and shout ZAP and KAPOW, course they would hit me back for just being wierd :P but adam west, is he actually nuts now or just a old podgey guy thats a little wierd?
  • If you are a fan of Batman! - Then definatly check this show out. It is a classic.

    Even though this show definatly has its cheesy appeal, The original Batman t.v. series is a great show. This show was filled with great actors who potrayed some of the most famous comic book characters such as The Joker, The Riddler, Batman, Alfred, The Penguin, Catwoman, Robin, The Mad Hatter, and Comishiner Gordan. The plots were similar every episode. The 1st part of every two part episode Batman and Robin were always caught in a trap and then the second half ther escaped and brought down the villan. This show was groundbreaking for bringing comic characters to telivision and the big screen. I recommend Batman to any superhero fan.
  • Enjoyable on different levels.

    As my summary says, this show is enjoyable on different levels, much like one of my favorite movies, Pee Wee's Big Adventure. It had all the great action, bright colors and crazy characters that kids love. At the same time, it has over-the-top dialogue (sometimes featuring innuendo and double entendres) that only older ones would understand.

    The series never took itself too seriously, which is its greatest strength. If it had been a typical crime drama show, people may not have given it the attention it deserved. One evidence of this is the series The Green Hornet, which was produced by the same team at the same time. It was an excellent series, but never caught on like Batman, possibly because people were expecting more of a cartoony show. There was a crossover, where Green Hornet and Kato appeared on Batman in a nice bit of cross-promotion (Batman was also seen on a TV at least once in The Green Hornet as well).

    This is yet another in a long line of shows where the actors involved were typecast, yet, despite ups and downs, they seem alright with that now. Adam West, in particular, plays all his roles in a tongue-in-cheek manner, which works well for him. He was definitely a serious actor before the show, but playing the Dark Knight changed things forever for him. He has embraced his role in the Batman universe by even appearing on Batman: The Animated Series on the episode "Beware the Gray Ghost," and as Mayor Grange on the series The Batman.

    All in all, a very entertaining show with many memorable characters portrayed by actors who really played them to the hilt!
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