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  • Perhaps the world's most cheesy TV show.

    This amazingly camp show was fantastic due to one reason, it never took itself seriously. To be honest I'd rather this then any of the animated Batman series. The cast was A+ stuff. (Burgess Meredith as The Penguin, Adam West as Batman, Cesar Romero as The Joker...) Due to it's cheesy sense of humour it is a massive cult classic alongside such TV shows as Get Smart and The Twilight Zone. Despite the fact that the movie based upon it, which is also classic and is my favourite Batman film after Tim Burton's first one, had a DVD release, the TV series itself hasn't. To my mind this probably makes it one of the most wanted TV series for DVD treatment that has yet to get it. Someday we will hopefully see some DVDs being made...
  • A Classic......Pure & True!

    There is no doubt about it: When it comes to Batman, nobody did it better than Adam West. He will always be for me the one and only Batman. And show is simply a classic, bar none! =D
  • The dinamic duo hits the TV screen fighting criminals from their headquartes aka. the batcave

    Bang! Pow! Kapaw!

    I love you Batman! no not really! I do love the Batgirl though. That's the kind of emotional reaction this show produces on me and I suppose on many other fans. This show had it all, super heroes with super weapons and super vehicles, villains that were funny and evil at the same time, strange camera angles and deep dialogues!

    All the episodes are amazing, delivering action 100% all the time, with punches flying here and there, bombs going off and the bat-mobile showing off all of its cool tricks.

    Watch it and you wont be dissapointed, just don't pay attention to all the pastel colors.
  • I just had to watch it for the guest stars.

    I have to say that Batman is a funny spoof off the comics. However I personally watch it for the great guest stars that would show up at the same bat time same bat channel. I just loved seeing some of my favorite actors playing these off the wall charters. At the time these guest stars were some big names in Hollywood. You had, Burgess Meredith as the Penguin, Cesar Romero as the Joker, Julie Newmar as the Catwoman, Frank Gorshin and the Riddler, and my favorite Vincent Price as Egghead. Plus to top it off you had cameos from other big names, Cher, Sunny Bono, Milton Berle, Dick Clark, Sammy Davis, JR, and Don Ho just to name a few. You never new who was going to drop in on the show and that’s why I liked it so much.
  • A Villain Summary

    The number of episodes or episode sets that a Guest Star appeared as a villain. Anne Bancroft appeared as multiple villains. Catwoman, Riddler and Mr. Freeze were played by multiple actors. Shared episodes or episode sets were counted as a full appearance.

    10 Burgess Meredith (The Penguin)
    10 Cesar Romero (The Joker)
    6 Julie Newmar (The Catwoman)
    5 Frank Gorshin (The Riddler)
    5 Victor Buono (King Tut)
    3 Vincent Price (Egghead)
    2 Anne Baxter (Olga)
    2 Carolyn Jones (Marsha, Queen of Diamonds)
    2 Cliff Robertson (Shame)
    2 David Wayne (The Mad Hatter)
    2 Eartha Kitt (Catwoman)
    2 Milton Berle (Louie the Lilac)
    1 Anne Baxter (Zelda)
    1 Art Carney (The Archer)
    1 Barbara Rush (Nora Clavicle)
    1 Eli Wallach (Mr. Freeze)
    1 George Sanders (Mr. Freeze)
    1 Ida Lupino (Dr. Cassandra)
    1 Joan Collins (The Siren)
    1 John Astin (The Riddler)
    1 Liberace (Chandell)
    1 Malachi Throne (False-Face)
    1 Maurice Evans (The Puzzler)
    1 Otto Preminger (Mr. Freeze)
    1 Roddy McDowall (The Bookworm)
    1 Rudy Vallee (Lord Marmaduke Fogg)
    1 Shelley Winters (Ma Parker)
    1 Tallulah Bankhead (Black Widow)
    1 Van Johnson (The Minstrel)
    1 Van Williams (Green Hornet)
    1 Walter Slezak (The Clock King)
    1 Zsa Zsa Gabor (Minerva)
  • probably the best TV yet

    I feel like tv reached its zenith with the advent of this classic show. Never before had acting, cimeatography, great writing and fantastic torytelling been so seamlessly integrated for network TV. I see this show as the zeitgeist for all the great action adventure shows of the modern day. burn notice 24 CSI all these moedern shows have batman to thank. this is the one that established the formula and made action fun and interesting and might i add thrilling on the television. A great show to watch with your kids or your parents. tv will never be as good as the original batman!
  • Cult Classic

    This show was probably my first show I ever watched regularly as a child, and immediately became a favorite. The Bright colors, wild antics, and showy villains were definitely a hook for me. I remember liking the episodes with the Joker as Cesar Romero was a true actor and his performance in this series I thought to be truly one of a kind. As I seen the show in reruns throughout the years I still liked it though I realized the camp and humor in the show more. I have always been a Batman fan from the orig comics, the newer movies, to the animated series, But I always still love the 1966 series the best simply due to the fun factors; colors, camp, humor, over the top villains = Cult Classic.
  • Corny Capers with the Dynamic Duo!

    I remember watching re-runs of this when I was a child during my Summer holidays and it was this that got me hooked on Batman, but I feel the 60's series is not really much more than a joke despite this series being an undeniable classic. It was also thanks to this series I dressed up as The Joker for a fancy dress party.
  • This truly is a classic and it's one of my favorite TV shows. Riddle me this, riddle me that, when will Warner Brothers put this classic in a season DVD set? Time will tell, but please don't frown, the answer to this question isn't far in reach.

    I have the 1966 movie on DVD and have always enjoyed this classic series when it's been on TV. It was on TVLand a year or so ago, and I loved every episode that aired. This is my favorite super hero/comic book TV show. Besides Batman & Robin, I really enjoyed the creative villains that stared on the show. There were so many great ones, it’s hard just to name one.

    Batmania ran wild in the 60's and I wish I could've been a part of it.

    The only downfall of this show, like many, is it's not on DVD in seasons yet, and I'm kind of surprised. The animated series is on DVD, but a cult classic comic book TV show isn't?

    Maybe some day all of us 'Bat Fanatics' will get our wish, but in the meantime we can always wish and hope for the best.
  • Fun for the whole family

    Pow! Wham! Whoosh! Can you believe we still remember those hokey sound effect balloons? And why shouldn't we? Batman was a cutting edge TV series that emulated the comic book genre that bears its name. All the villains, all the weapons, all the disguises and all the "technology" of the day are found in this memorable show.

    Each episode was narrated (much like a comic book) and gave the viewer a sense of being a part of the action. Well cast, the actors and actresses that appeared on Batman are etched in our minds. Who could forget Cesar Romero as the Joker, Frank Gorshin as the Riddler, Burgess Meredith as the Penguin, and Julie Newmar as Catwoman? To this day when we hear the Batman theme song we visualize Adam West and Burt Ward blazing through Gotham City in the Batmobile. Next time you need a little nostalgia, plug in an episode of Batman. You won't be disappointed. Until the next review, same bat-time, same bat-channel.
  • POW! BIFF! THWACK!, Tim Burton's BATMAN is for people who take comic books seriously. The Adam West BATMAN TV series and movie is for the rest of us.

    Batman is the role West was born to play. He delivers his lines with a seriousness and self-importance perhaps matched only by Steven Seagal--and Seagal isn't trying to be funny.

    I can understand how comic-book fans might dislike this movie. It does, after all, treat the whole Batman concept with jokey disrespect (though really, as another reviewer pointed out, it's an over-the-top parody of the old serials). However, for those of us who see the inherent silliness in the notion of a "millionaire playboy" dressing up in a bat suit to fight "supervillains," it's fun to watch a movie that sees it as well.

    Perhaps the most amusing aspect of this movie is its off-the-wall view of the United Nations; the particular ambassadors are treated as something more than bureaucrats, apparatchiks, and political cronies who could be replaced in five minutes with any of ten thousand equally capable (or incapable) people.
  • just a classic campy 60's product

    i was 4 years old when this show came out and i was always ready for it to come on in living color. i would get my batman gear i had and lay on the floor and watch this. Adan West was a under-rated actor who is known now as the mayor in Family guy, and Burt Ward his adopted partner. the show had some great actors of the time such as Vincent Price, Victor Bruno,Burgess Merideth. it was a short lived show that brought great relief in 1966-68 from a period that was growing in turmoil. remember "same Bat time same Bat station".
  • The Campy series that brought back the almost canceled comic book.

    Adam West and Burt Ward starred in this really great series based on the comic book super hero.
    We followed the adventured of Batman (West) and Robin (Ward) as they thrawt crime in Gothem City.
    Also on nabd was their butler Alfred (Alan Neipar), who was the only one who knew who they were.
    Neil Hamilton and Stafford Repp played Comissener Gordon and Cheif O'Hara , as they always called the heros to capture the villians.
    More then ever there was Pinguin, the most used,played by Burgess Merideth, Joker(Cearser Romero).Riddler(Frank Gorsin and John Austin),CatWoman (Julie Newmar and then Etha Kitt)
    The show premered in Jan. 1966 and was an instant hit, by the time the second season came up the series started to go down hill, then in 1967, the series gained Yvonne Craig as Batgirl, but due to low budgeting and less than great fight sences in this season, the show was canceled.
    But, the series more than likely became one of the true cult classics of its day.
  • A campy style of batman and robin's adventures.

    It not the greatest batman show ever and there better one out there to watch like BTAS. Still it enjoyable to watch at times. I can understand if you're a comic book fan why you won't like. Still if you don't like the darker version or just need a few laughs for a change you can have fun watching this show. Ha, because of this show the riddler is now one of the major villains in batman today. I think before this show he had like two appearances in the comics. While in the third season it total jump the shark the first two aren't too bad. Plus it really kick to see all the traps they do for climax scenes.
  • This show saved the Batman franchise, so for that it scores points. Yet, strictly on quality it loses a few. By today's standards it is no more than a corny B rated show, but in its day, that corny brand of humor and action served as a hit. KAPOW?

    This show saved the Batman franchise, so for that it scores points. Yet, strictly on quality it loses a few. By today's standards it is no more than a corny B rated show, but in its day, that corny brand of humor and action served as a hit. The dialogue is by no means great, the acting is by no means emmy worth, and the action affects are by no means astonishing, yet somehow this show survived. Why? because this cross between a superhero that people could identify with and light hearted clean humor was just what its era called for. The bigger question is how it was able to survive in the 90's being played on FOX kids afternoons. I will say this though, this show was very influential in the fact that nearly everyone knows who Adam West is and nearly everyone has heard the saying "holy rusted metal Batman".

    My final review: By no means great (infact most of its positive score is due to the fact that it was popoular at its time and saved the franchise), but if you go in with a light hearted approach, not expecting much, this show will entertain you.

    A toys collection from the classic Batman 1966 TV show:

  • He took it over and that's it?

    He worked hard to take this show over and then after he gets doesn't improve on it any?
  • This Series Needs To Come Back In Some Form Or Another

    If DC Comics can produce a Batman 1966 comic book that is loyal and faithful to the vintage TV series starring Burt Ward and Adam West, there should be a modern TV adaptation as well, although Adam West and Burt Ward are now obviously long in the teeth to wear the leotards of the Caped Crusaders. How's this for a switch--Have two women in the roles, with the female Batman wearing a voice transducer? Besides, I always did think women look better in tights than men, who look flat out ridiculous.
  • unforgettable show

    The Batman 1960's was one of the shows I really lived for. I remember when I was a kid; I used to watch this after school. This show is somewhat has sentimental value for me because compared to the darker comic version, it turned out that to be lighthearted one with full of fun and action. It's really a great show. I'm definitely a fan of this show until now and I searched for websites that sells this TV series. Well, luckily, I got a decent copy at . I received a very nice quality DVDs. I'm gonna let my grandson watch this for surely, he'll love it too! A musical, bubbly, funny and action packed in one show!
  • Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson work undercover in Gotham City as the Caped Crusaders to keep the city safe from villians.

    This show was very campy. However, the campiness made it funny. Robin's exclamations were somewhat corny. It was unrealistic that no matter how many times the "Villian of the Week" tried to kill Batman and Robin that they were never sentenced to long sentences for attempted murder.

    The show used angled shots of the villian "headquarters" to symbolize the fact they were crooked. A little bit of imaginative planning there. Of all the villians, Cat Woman was probably the most interesting. She was part villian and part seductress. She never did succeed in seducing Batman though.

    The addition of Batgirl in the last season added some spice to the show for a bit. Though it failed to raise the ratings enough to save the show.

    At least the TV version of Batman was done in a way that kids could watch it, unlike the motion picture features that came out much later.
  • One of the all time greats.

    This is the show that I can remember the best from my childhood. I can remember stopping everyhting at 4pm and running home to watch the classic reruns. I can also remember hoping that the batgirl would come speeding across the screen at the opening scean, that was REALLY cool when that happened. Now that I'm all grown up, hehe in my 40's, I will be picking this up on DVD soon. I have found the DVD set online for a not to bad price. I have also found several of them to download. I'm hoping the DVD's will have some kinds of extras. Just grabbed the shows off of the net, anyone else notice that almost all of the shows titles ryme?? That is too weird. Been watching these since the 70's and just now noticed it. It is great to have them all together to watch. I only have season one now, but will be getting the others soon. I also picked up the movie, awsomely campy... I feel 12 years old again when I watch them. I also picked up the Batman Beyond all seasons on dvd, that is one great show also. I will keep working till I have all the shows on DVD, Batman and robin, batman dark night... all the animated ones. If you want to chat about batman, or anything else, check me out at See ya!!
  • Superheroes Batman and Robin (and Batgirl in season three) encounter a colorful collection of villains while fighting crime in Gotham City.

    TV's ultimate camp classic series finds just the right note to make the "Batman" world as much fun as it ever could be. Purist fans of the dark mood of the original source material, whose ideal rendition is likely better represented by either the 1989 Michael Keaton film or the more recent Christian Bale version "Batman Begins," commonly express betrayal at the sixties show's going instead for good-natured comedy. My feeling is that as long as the actual characters of the show are consistent within themselves, the series on its own hits the exact level of entertainment it is aiming for, and you really have to be a real killjoy to actually dislike this series. For me, Adam West is forever the real Bruce Wayne and Batman, a performance that is designed to be eternally underrated. Just looking at the parade of actors that have worn the cowl for the more recent movie versions, when the costume became the entirety of the Batman characater, does anyone else come close to matching West's joining of the two sides of the character's personality? The romantic potential between West's Batman and Julie Newmar's Catwoman was electric. Yvonne Craig's Batgirl was my television crush of the sixties. The traps that the heroes and heroine would find themselves in, as a cliffhanger leading to the second paired episode, bordered on eroticism. And the casting of the villains was often perfect. Particular among them was Frank Gorshin's Riddler, the only of the Batvillains to get an Emmy nod, and his contribution to the show's success cannot be overstated. Also, Victor Buono's King Tut, the best villain created for the show specifically, was always entertaining. Cesar Romero's Joker, Burgess Meredith's Penguin, Roddy McDowall's Bookworm and Vincent Price's Egghead filled out the best among the large criminal cast. One of the most unfortunate things in TV series history is that the show was canceled after the third season, even after CBS optioned to take over the show for another run from ABC, because the Batcave had been dismantled. I would love to be tuning in at the same Battime to the same Batchannel even today.
  • Very funny and entertaining

    The old Batman series was not without it's humor and suspense. It had everything in it from Homicidal HarleQuinn's(Joker) to Fem Fetals(Catwoman) and great fight scenes! It also had some far fetched elements to it, such as Perfectly stocked utility belts, Universal drug antidote pills for every ocasion, and incredibly desperate death traps. But hey, thats the 60's for ya! I love this show because even though the comic books make Batman and Robin seem like Dark, Mysterious figures at times, The TV show kept them at a fun, light hearted level, that more people could identify with. In the comics their stories were so sad and tragic, you could always tell they were fictional, but with the show, they make them seem like real people! They make them to a point where you have to keep reminding yourself, they arn't real! all in all, great show, I'd give it a 10!
  • Still My Favorite Show!

    Loved it as a child because it helped me fight bullys at school and it was a really fun show.

    Saw West in person at a car show, he wasn't just playing he really thought he was Batman...

    Which is good enough for me!

    I'm still waiting for the big wigs of Fox and Warner to give the public Batman on DVD!

    It will probably be a long while for that to happen.
  • I know it was cheesy but that's what made it so funny.

    I wasn't born yet when this show was orginally on, but I watched this show all the time in re-runs. The cheesiness was hilarious, and the action was great. You had actors like Adam West, and Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith, even Milton Berle (sp) even though most of those people are dead now (all but Adam West) they were big names back then, I have seen movies with some of them and said crap, I didn't know they wer in this, or even had a movie career. I guess I knew Milton Berle, but not Frank Gorshin & Burgess Meredith. This show was great, cheesy catch phrases, cartoon like violence, and they had something for every occasion in the utility belt. I think the movies were a shock with how serious they were, compared to the show. I think they were made after the comics, I don't know I have never read them, and don't really read comics. This show just had everything comedy, action, drama, they should bring it back on TV Land or something.
  • It is about the guy and that boy dressed in tights, fighting crime.

    This show is hilarious! Since it is currently the year 2007, it is always fun to watch old shows. They are funny! With all of our modern technology, we can make amazing shows and movies, and the old shows aren't all special effects and stuff. One time, I actually saw a person walk out through the back of the set! Yeah, and the funny thing is, that in most of the old shows, all the superheroes are wearing tights! Like Superman, Batman, Robin, and lots of others. Yeah, it sure is fun to watch the old shows. WHOA! I am totally off topic! But Batman rules. Today, or in the sixties!
  • Batman ! Batman !

    Based on the characters of the comic books of the 1930's, Batman is the story of Bruce Wayne, a millioanre celebrity by day and a masked crusader, fighting against evil at night. Although the central character was Batman, what most viewers liked to watch were the famous villains: The Riddler, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, The Jocker, Catwoman, Two Face, etc. Each of them had an interesting story behind them: they all were ordinary people who became evil due to some unfortunate accidents in their lives.

    Batman also had the help of Robin, the boy wonder and Batwoman to fight evil whenever the people of Gotham city called him for help.

    What was most entertaining about the TV series was it was made for all ages and there was a lot of humor in the script. Also, the sound effects during fight scenes were also flashed on the screen (just as in comic books) such as: Biff ! Thud ! Bang ! etc. The movies which were later made by Hollywood were certainly no match for the TV series.
  • its just way to classic

    first of all im not sure how anyone could give it anything less than a 10 it is a friggen classic!!!its cheesey but so good!!!i have three copies of the movie!!!adam west should put that suit on once again!!!roll up some socks call burt ward and do a reunion show!!!please for all of us die hard batman fans!!!!
  • The show depicted the humor that I loved in the 60\'s which had dry sense of humor to it. Other movies during that era were \"The Pink Panther\" with Peter Sellers. Adam West and Burt Ward were perfect as the Dynamic Duo. Put This on DVD please!

    I feel with sitcoms today, people don\'t really have to think. We need instant gratification, and we have people thinking for us and controlling us in the television world. We need to get back to TV shows that created good value and a witty sense of humor.

    Batman and Robin of the 60\'s was truly a classic. Used the media, actors and current issues as part their show. This show was for the family was for the whole family....hard to find this day and age!

    Put This on DVD please!!!!
  • Based on Bob Kane's comic book series from DC Comics, this is a campy version of Batman who is hardly the Dark Knight Detective in this series.

    Holy Classic TV, Batman! I'm one of the rare Batfans who love the comic book series with its dark and brooding tone as well as this campy series that's played for laughs. Batman is one of the 100 greatest TV shows ever! Adam West and Burt Ward are perfect as the campy version of the Dynamic Duo. And the actors who portrayed the Rogues' Gallery of Villains was superb. I also think Yvonne Craig who joined the cast in the third season may have been my first crush (I was six years old at the time). This show needs to be released on DVD! Soon!
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