ABC (ended 1968)



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  • Bruce Wayne and his ward Dic Grayson protect their city from villains as Batman and Robin/

    This is a pretty nice show. But it is sort of campy and corny because it was from the old times. Every episode is predictable. Batman and Robin talk to Commissioner about the latest villain, who they battle and find themselves in a death trap. They then use some very complicated plan to escape. Then after "intense action" they defeat the villain. This was probably considered the best show ever in the 1960's, but its kind of corny now. Even though it is a litle corny, I like it. Its nice to see a simple show sometimes and it never fails to amuse me with some of the over dramatic and goofy parts that were considered epic 40 years ago. Its sort if nice sometimes to see classic Batman and Robin fighting crime. I also kind of like the colorful costumes and props and sometimes I enjoy it for the old-time action. So this is a pretty nice show, but not my favorite Batman series.