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  • One of the all time greats.

    This is the show that I can remember the best from my childhood. I can remember stopping everyhting at 4pm and running home to watch the classic reruns. I can also remember hoping that the batgirl would come speeding across the screen at the opening scean, that was REALLY cool when that happened. Now that I'm all grown up, hehe in my 40's, I will be picking this up on DVD soon. I have found the DVD set online for a not to bad price. I have also found several of them to download. I'm hoping the DVD's will have some kinds of extras. Just grabbed the shows off of the net, anyone else notice that almost all of the shows titles ryme?? That is too weird. Been watching these since the 70's and just now noticed it. It is great to have them all together to watch. I only have season one now, but will be getting the others soon. I also picked up the movie, awsomely campy... I feel 12 years old again when I watch them. I also picked up the Batman Beyond all seasons on dvd, that is one great show also. I will keep working till I have all the shows on DVD, Batman and robin, batman dark night... all the animated ones. If you want to chat about batman, or anything else, check me out at See ya!!