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  • Holy Bat Guano Batman. I have to admit I watched this show as a young person and I found it entertaining. Still it wasn't the best of shows during that time.

    First of all I need to comment on the fact that this show was new when I first saw it. I remember the hype and the commercials of the Bat Mobile zooming down the highway. That's what got me, the Bat Mobile, I was fortunate to see the actual car at a carshow back then and yes, I built the model. Now on to the show. Adam west was less than believable and the ponch made it hard to see him as Batman (I was a huge Batman comic book reader), Burt Ward was a much better Robin and of course if it wasn't for the talents of Burgess Merideth (Penquin), Frank Gorshin (Riddler), Julie Newmar (Catwoman, yum) and Cesar Romero (Joker) the show would have been pretty boring. We can't forget Madge Blake (Aunt Harriet) and Alan Napier (Alfred) witout whom the dynamic duo couldn't have accomplished so much. OK so I remember the show and I was a fan of the time, but the best part of the show to me was absolutely the Bat Mobile.