Season 1 Episode 2

Smack in the Middle

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 13, 1966 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Batman swings up to rescue Molly, the rope goes noticeably slack as he reaches the top, even though his full weight is supposedly on it.

    • This is the only episode in which a named character (Molly) was actually killed (save for the few times Catwoman was killed, but she has 9 lives...).

    • Lyle Waggoner was originally cast as Batman and filmed for a screen test. Waggoner later went on to play as a regular on The Carol Burnett Show from 1967-1974 and then as Major Steve Trevor on Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter.

    • The exterior shots of Wayne Manor were really filmed at 380 South San Rafel Ave, Pasedena, CA.

    • The scene of the Batmobile leaving the Batcave to race the remaining 14 miles to Gotham was really filmed at Bronson Cavern in Hollywood Hills. This cave was used in many horror films including Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (Allied Artists, 1956). The problem they ran into when filming the scene was that the Batmobile was just about the same width as the cave entrance. To keep from ripping the fenders off of George Barris's creation, they undercranked the cameras so it could come out slowly and then later speed up the film to give the illusion of speed!

    • In all the scenes of the villains hideouts, the camera is slanted at an angle, almost "crooked"--to reflect the villains' being crooked themselves!

    • The Batmobile's ever-popular Emergency Bat-Turn Lever is put into use for the first time in this episode.

    • At the 1966 Emmys, Batman was nominated as Outstanding Comedy Series while Frank Gorshin was nominated for Outstanding Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role In A Comedy for the episode Hi Diddle Riddle. A third nomination was made for editing.

    • The Riddler's maniacal high-pitched giggle was inspired by the character Tommy Udo, portrayed by Richard Widmark, in the 1947 20th Century-Fox crime film-noir Kiss Of Death.

    • This is one of two Batman episodes in which characters lose their life. In "A Death Worse Than Fate" the gunmen, intending to drill Batman and Robin full of bullets, shoot each other to death as The Dynamic Duo dodge them aided by Zelda The Great.

  • Quotes

    • Riddler: (removing a mold from Robin's face) I must say, this youth's face makes an excellent impression.
      Molly: You sure are a card, Riddler.
      Riddler: Yes, my pretty. In this little game, I'm the Ace of Trumps.

    • Robin: Don't fall for it, Batman. It sounds too easy! I'll get myself out of this the same way I got in it!

    • Batman: If this gas ignites, it'll blow you to Kingdom Come, you venal viper!

    • Riddler: (Entertaining the guests at the party) Did you hear about Greta Garbo? She dreamed one night she sprinkled 6 boxes of grass seed in her hair and woke up moaning: "I vant to be a lawn!"

    • Batman: (Having failed to rescue Molly) What a terrible way to go-go!

    • Batman: The joke's on you, Riddler!
      Robin: When is a donkey spelled with 1 letter?! When it's "U"!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Riddler: (after Batman and Robin burst from the Moldavian mammoth) A Trojan mammoth!
      This a reference to the Trojan horse that the Greeks left behind to capture Troy by stealth.

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