Season 2 Episode 40

That Darn Catwoman

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 1967 on ABC

Episode Recap

After giving a stirring speech at the graduation class of Aaron Burr High School, Robin is sidetracked by Pussycat and cat-scratched with the drug Cataphrenia, which turns him into a criminal that obeys Catwoman's commands. After roughing up Chief O'Hara, The ex-Boy Wonder departs as a new member of The Catwoman's covey! O'Hara quickly alerts Commissioner Gordon who alerts Batman...but meanwhile, with Robin's help, Catwoman steals $200,000 from Wayne Manor - her first step toward raising the million dollars she needs to purchase the plans to The Gotham City Mint. Aware that the police are hot on her trail, The Catwoman threatens to kill The Boy Wonder should the law try to intervene, which means that Batman must act on his own. Mayor Linseed is desperate.

Catwoman succeeds in perpetrating two more heists, Batman divines that her next job will be at Prince Ibn Kereb of Gedalia's weighing-in ceremony, where the Prince equals his weight in greenbacks. Batman arrived to do battle with Catmen Spade, Marlow, and Templar, but he finds that he must now deal with the drugged Robin, whom Catwoman sics on "the blue dragon". Batman allows the boy to rough him up and crash a chair over him. When the Caped Crusader tails the gang to Catlair West, and finds Robin all tied up, he thinks he has played possum and rushes over to free him, but when he does, he finds that Robin has played possum...just not in the way that Batman believes, though, and he is caught in a Cattrap. Batman finds himself tied to a giant mousetrap that will spring shut just as soon as The Boy Wonder finishes sawing away at the rope...unless Batman accepts Catwoman's offer to join her side and be subjected to the Cataphrenia.

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