Season 2 Episode 40

That Darn Catwoman

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Jan 19, 1967 on ABC

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  • Robin steping to the bad side.

    It's sometimes a common things in all sidekicks, eventurally they all go their own way to be their own person whether it's the path of good or evil. This episode is another favorate of mine, it's Batman at it's best. One of the things I really liked is just seeing Robin going bad it was hillarous and fun, there is just something about seeing superheroes steping to the bad side that interesting may'be because it somehow enhances their character or gives them even more freedom than before, I don't know whatever the case it works.

    But of course the real joy was just Catwoman herself whom is really crafty this time, the romantic and conflicting interplay between both Batman and her was always interesting to me because it was strangely sweet, both are just a good couple despite being dynamic opposites.

    Then we see the fight between Batman and Robin. Robin thogh wins by sucker punching him with a chair from behind, yeah that will always get a person. But of course as usual we would see a creatively daft death device at the cliffhanger a giant mouse trap, I'll admit as a kid I was worred from the fact that Robin was the one doing the cutting of the trap. Wonder how Batman is going to get out of this one.
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