Season 3 Episode 16

The Funny Feline Felonies (1)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Dec 28, 1967 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Batman is calculating the trajectory of the bullet Catwoman shot as a clue into Commissioner Gordan's office, he says the wind speed is six knots per hour. The unit of knot means nautical miles/hour. So Batman mistakenly turned it into acceleration as units of 6 miles per hour per hour.

    • The Trap that The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder were supposed to be placed in was cut from the story, but later in this segment The Joker is surprised when The Dynamic Duo and Batgirl appear at the lighthouse, when he believed them all to be dead! When it was decided to delete the trap sequence, nobody took notice of the goof in The Joker's dialogue!
      The trap Joker is referring to is from near the end of Part 1 where his lethal Joker buzzer robbed them of their five senses one by one until Batgirl revived them with Batgirl antidote pills. Yet at the beginning of this episode, they must've seen the Batmobile drive off but were waiting to get Batgirl as well with the Cat Whiskers trap.

  • Quotes

    • Batman: You constantly amaze me, Batgirl. I can't figure out how you manage to stay on top of the caper as quickly as we do.
      : Tea leaves, stars, crystal gazing, all part of a woman crimefighter's arsenal, Batman.

    • Joker: Let bygones be bygones. I'd like to shake hands with both of you. Can't we be friends?
      Robin: I'd rather shake hands with a spitting cobra!
      Batman: You're being cynical, Robin. To err is human, to forgive...divine.

    • Batman: (After being buzzed by Joker) Another practical joke, Joker.
      : Not exactly Batman. It's my deadly joker buzzer. One by one, your five senses will leave you. Then your lungs will collapse and certainly you'll be GAPUMP, FINI, DEFUNCT.

    • Joker: Sorry, we can't stay for the big finish, Batman but I'll always treasure the memory of this moment.

    • Joker: I was expecting this place to be a shambush because of a fight.
      Batman: As it may yet be, Joker.

  • Notes

    • This was originally a 2-part episode which was split into single 2-part episodes as the producers yearned to avoid a single cliffhanger ending suspended over a week's time.

    • The late Eartha Kitt's second and final appearance as the third Catwoman.

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