Season 3 Episode 21

The Great Escape (1)

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Feb 01, 1968 on ABC
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The Great Escape (1)

Shame breaks out of prison and has big plans for Gotham and Batgirl.

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  • Now just a comedy

    They weren't even trying any more at this stage. The show that was a unique mixture of fun for kids and comedy for adults got tired of its comic book roots and just became a comedy. This may have freed the writers and gave them a chance to concentrate on the jokes. One of the lamest villains of the series gets one of the funniest episodes. Nearly every line of dialogue is a joke, and we find humour of every kind, from very black (Shame jokes about putting bullets in someone's head) to absurd. A line like 'They've got Batgirl and we got Fanny' is quite risque, if you think about it. The crime fighters are at their most inept and the actors can enjoy themselves playing 'out of character'. Think of Robin under the influence of the fear gas. The villains have a number of associates, but unlike in other episodes where these stooges just get a witty name at best, the hoodlums have a character of their own, and each one is funny. Think of Fred the Mexican with a British accent. And to make it completely a joy for lovers of comedy, the writers steal from the best. When Batman says 'I never met a person I didn't like, Frontier Fanny, but in this case I may have to make an exception' Marx Brothers fans recognise a line Groucho once said:: 'I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception.moreless
Adam West

Adam West

Bruce N. Wayne/Batman

Burt Ward

Burt Ward

Richard "Dick" Grayson/Robin The Boy Wonder

Yvonne Craig

Yvonne Craig

Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Alan Napier

Alan Napier

Alfred Pennyworth

Neil Hamilton (I)

Neil Hamilton (I)

Commissioner James W. Gordon

Stafford Repp

Stafford Repp

Chief O'Hara

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the pre-credits sequence, Robin is already in the Batcave with Alfred. However, when the show comes out of the main credits, because of the use of stock footage, Robin slides down the Batpole with Batman.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Shame: Yeah, I gotta hand it to you, Calamity. You're a woman and a half. If you could just get rid of the other half.

    • Chief O'Hara: They were last seen heading north on the highway in a stolen tank.
      Robin: Where in the world did they ever get a tank?
      Chief O'Hara: Mad Man Otto's Used Tank Lot. Begorrah, is he mad now.

    • Commissioner Gordon: They found the tank on West 20th Street.
      Batman: Is it still there?
      Commissioner Gordon: No, they had towed it away. The parking meter had run out.
      Batman: They probably removed the fingerprints as well. I think Mayor Linseed should make some... changes in his towing policy.

    • Commissioner Gordon: Oh. Tanks in the street, a horse in my outer office. Has the whole world gone batty? (Batman and Robin glare) Ha ha. Just an expression, Batman. No slight intended.
      Batman: I understand.

    • Shame: And then we're going to do something which I like to refer to as The Great Train Robbery.
      Fred: That's scarcely original, you know.
      Shame: A big mouth is better when it's shut, Fred. So keep your tongue harnessed and you'll have a thin lip.
      Fred: I stand chastised.

    • Narrator: Gotham State Prison, a grim and foreboding edifice. It, like politics, has been the last refuge of many a scoundrel.

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