Season 3 Episode 21

The Great Escape (1)

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 1968 on ABC

Episode Recap

That conniving cowboy of crime, Shame, breaks jail with the trusty aide of his fiancé, Calamity Jan, and her mom, Frontier Fanny, in a Sherman tank. At Police Headquarters, The Batman and Robin gets a message from Shame announcing his plans to steal a rock and roll from The Gotham City Stage. While The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder race back to The Batcave to consult The Batcomputer, Shame hides out at Gotham City Central Park Stables, where he is introduced to the members of his new posse: Standing Pat, a giant Indian who converses in signals issued by his cigar; and Fernando Ricardo Enrique Dominquez (Fred for short), a Mexican with a British accent. Meanwhile, The Dynamic Duo solves the meaning of the rock and the roll: the rock refers to a diamond, and the roll is really a bankroll, but they are stumped as to what is meant by The Gotham City Stage! Batgirl divines the meaning, however, and she notifies Batman via the red Batphone in Gordon's office, and arranges to rendezvous with The Dynamic Duo at a downtown street.

Shame and his posse arrive at The Gotham City Opera House (the "stage"!), where they snatch a diamond pendant (the "rock"!) and a $20,000 bankroll (the "roll"!) from singers Leonora Sotto Voce and Fortissimo Fra Diavlo. The Dynamic Trio arrive in time to catch them in the act and give Shame and his crooked cowboys a good fist-beating until Fanny and Jan spritz them with a whiff of Fear Gas. The three cower in fear, giving Shame enough room to kidnap Batgirl and scram. At The Batcave, Alfred neutralizes the Fear Gas's aftereffects with Batantidote Powder. While The Caped Crusader traces The Crooked Cowboy to his hideout, Fred and Standing Pat return with an acetylene torch and a diamond drill. While Shame and his gang leave the stable with Batgirl, a horseshoe drops from the door frame onto Frontier Fanny's head, knocking her out and leaving her as fair game for the arriving Dynamic Duo. Reviving, Fanny warns that Batgirl's a goner if anything should happen to her!