Season 1 Episode 15

The Joker Goes to School

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 02, 1966 on ABC



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    • Joker: (Answering his phone) Hello, hello? Give me the sign.
      Susie: How do you stop a dog from barking in July?
      Joker: Countersign. Shoot him in June. Very good. (laughs)
      Susie: Listen, Batman and Robin just drove into the parking lot.
      Joker: What?! The Dynamic Duo at school?
      Susie: That's right, Joker. What'll I do, take it on the lam?

    • Aunt Harriet: (After Bruce is asked to run for mayor) It's funny. He comes to you with the same offer every two years. You'd think they'd get it through their heads you're not interested.

    • Batman: And if it's three lemons, which the percentages says is the more likely?
      Joker: Fifty thousand volts of electrifying electricity, my fettered fatman. Automatically on the third lemon.
      Robin: Holy fruit salad!
      Batman: Sorry, I don't approve in gambling.

    • Narrator: Horrors!! One Lemon!! Double Horrors!! Two Lemons!! And if it's a third... instant and inescapable 50,000 volts!! Close your eyes! Who dares to see it?? Try us tomorrow! Same Bat-Time!! Same Bat-Channel!!

  • Notes

    • In November 1965, Semple concocted a new villain named The One-Armed Bandit, "whose peculiar kick is gimmicked coin machines of all sorts." The idea ultimately wound up in these episodes with Joker in charge of the One Armed Bandit Novelty Company and vending machines that churned out silver dollars, quarters, answer sheets to exams and knockout gas.

    • The Joker originally was scheduled to be the first "Bat Villain" to appear, but a scheduling conflict prevented Cesar Romero from appearing on the debut episode.

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