Season 2 Episode 27

The Penguin's Nest

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 07, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Penguin opens an exclusive restaurant called The Penguin's Nest which caters to Gothamite's richest citizens. By a clever ruse, he and his henchmen Cordy Blue, Maty Dee and Chickadee collects handwriting samples from his very exclusive guests. Upon his inevitable return to prison, he plans to use these samples with the help of Ballpoint Baxter, to forge checks against the millionaires' accounts. However, Baxter is in prison, so The Penguin somehow has to get himself arrested but unfortunately for him, he just can't do it! First, he attempts to snatch a piece of jewelry from Aunt Harriet, who was dining at the restaurant but Batman and Robin later intercede and allow the wayward wallflower to go free despite his attacking Commissioner Gordon with a pie in the face.

Since Penguin is obviously eager to return to jail, The Caped Crusader suspects he has something sinister up his sleeve and decides to check his prison cell assignment. Batman and The Boy Wonder divine his scheme and decide to yet again let Penguin off the hook, in hopes he will carelessly tip his hand. Later, The Penguin executes another attempt to be apprehended by staging the fake murder of one of his own henchmen. Batman and Robin haul him away...but to the meager City Jail and not the State Prison where Baxter is. The Dynamic Duo unravel The Penguin's plan, but not before Cordy Blue, Maty Dee, and Chickadee springs him from jail. In the process they also kidnap Chief O'Hara and hold him hostage. Penguin locks the chief in a steamer trunk suspended on a water slide over a pool of water. The Penguin lures Batman and Robin to his lair, but they arrive just as the trunk splashes into the water. As The Penguin prepares to throw a switch that will electrify the pool, his gang members level their machine guns at our hapless heroes...

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