Season 1 Episode 28

The Pharaoh's in a Rut

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Apr 14, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

As Bruce rolls through the construction barriers on the gurney, he manages to free himself from the straps just in time. The gurney rolls beneath the guard rail and Bruce grabs it and watches as the gurney plummets 300 feet to crash into the ground below.

At Tut's secret palace, the villain and his entourage take time off from watching demolition derby to watch the news. They watch as Commissioner Gordon broadcasts from his office and meets with Batman. Batman assures everyone that he rescued Bruce and the millionaire is alive and unharmed. Tut summons the Grand Vizier and the Scrivener while Batman announces that he is traveling to the Antiquarian Library of Alexandria to research the ancient cult and Nefertiti's prophecy. Gordon is disappointed that Batman is leaving but the hero assures him that he can handle things. Tut throws a tantrum and Nefertiti dares to suggest that he may be mad, and the villain has his torturers take away. Sobbing, Tut vows to fulfill his plan and abduct Bruce Wayne now that Batman is leaving town.

Batman returns to the Batcave and informs Robin of his plan. He has no intention of going to Egypt but made the announcement so that Tut would make another attempt to abduct Bruce. Batman has Alfred arrange for Aunt Harriet to go on a trip to the country so that she will be out of harm's way, and the Caped Crusaders watch from hiding as their beloved relative leave. They then place a Bruce Wayne dummy on the couch. Aunt Harriet comes back to get a book and the heroes hide as their beloved relative notices "Bruce," mistakes him for the real thing, and quietly leaves.

The doorbell rings and Alfred takes a pill and then answers the door. A policeman informs the butler that Gordon has sent him to guard Bruce. However, he's one of Tut's men and gasses Alfred unconscious with a trick nightstick. The fake policeman then gasses the dummy, unaware of what it really is. As he covers up the dummy with a blanket and then goes to get Tut's men, Alfred gets up, conscious because of the anti-gas pill, and helps Batman take the dummy's place. When Tut's men return, they unwittingly haul Batman out to the waiting royal baroque. Robin and Alfred go to the Batcave and confirm that the hidden tracking device in Batman's cowl is working. The Boy Wonder then calls Gordon and O'Hara and assures them that everything is going according to plan.

Aboard the baroque, the Scrivener goes over the ancient prophecies of Anubis and finds a message warning about the leopard changing its spots. Just to be on the safe side, the Grand Vizier clubs the covered figure in the head and then checks to confirm that it's Batman, not Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, Robin realizes that the transmitter has been destroyed and is unable to locate Batman.

When they return to the palace, Tut's henchmen take Batman to the dungeon and seal him in a giant urn next to Nefertiti. Tut have his men use the dreaded ancient Theban pebble torture to drop pebbles slowly on his captives' heads, driving them insane. When a thousand pebbles drop, the victim is guaranteed to go insane. As Nefertiti reaches her last hundred pebbles, Batman tries to get Tut to remember the man he once was. Infuriated, the villain tells his torturer to drop more pebbles.

Robin and Alfred plot out the course of the baroque from the last four transmission and they realize it was heading to the Gotham City Exposition grounds. Gordon calls to tell them that Tut has Batman and is demanding $1 million for his safe return, and wants Bruce Wayne to deliver the money. The commissioner has been unable to reach Bruce and Robin assures him that he'll pass on the message. Once Robin hangs up, Alfred wonders why he didn't call in the police and the Boy Wonder admits that he doesn't trust the police to handle the matter with the necessary delicacy. Robin leaves for the exposition grounds, asking Alfred to drive him since he doesn't have a driver's license.

When Tut returns to the dungeon, the thousandth pebble has dropped on Batman and he's now singing incoherently with an equally demented Nefertiti. The villain has his men bring the captives to the throne room and free them from the urns, and then orders them to dance. Batman performs the Batusi with Nefertiti and gets close to two of the henchmen... and then punches them unconscious. As more thugs arrive, Batman explains that he maintained his sanity by reciting the multiplication tables backward. Robin arrives and helps Batman finish off the thugs while Tut slips away in the confusion.

The Caped Crusaders realize that the villain has fled and run outside. They discover that Tut knocked Alfred out and stolen the Batmobile. Once they revive Alfred, the trio pursues Tut in the baroque. Using the Batsmoke generator, Tut pulls ahead of them and Batman tries to activate the remote voice-activated Bat-controller and spring the ejection seat. It fails to work but Tut turns around and prepares to blast them into oblivion with the Batbeam. He hits the firing button... and triggers the malfunctioning ejection seat. Tut is thrown through the air and lands on the baroque. Stunned, he tries to attack Batman but the Caped Crusader decks him with a single punch.

Back at police headquarters, Gordon wonders what they should do with the unconscious villain. Batman is confident that the Wayne Foundation will provide Tut with the proper psychiatric care. Tut wakes up and they realize that the impact undid the original trauma, causing him to revert to his mild-mannered personality. Shocked, the professor worries that he is late for and asks what happened, and Batman tells him that it's a miracle.

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