Season 1 Episode 28

The Pharaoh's in a Rut

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Apr 14, 1966 on ABC



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    • Nefertiti: Batman? He turns me on.
      King Tut: Nefertiti. We could have you filleted for that.
      Nefertiti: But he's so handsome. And clean-cut and groovy.
      King Tut: We forbid you to speak well of our deadliest enemy!

    • Batman: I'll know more after I've delved into the secret archives of the Antiquarian Library of Alexandria.
      Gordon: Alexandria? Oh, you mean that delightful suburb of Washington, D.C.
      Batman: No, Commissioner, Alexandria, Egypt.

    • Batman: It's time to get set, Robin. It's almost Oda Wabba Simba.
      Robin: Almost what?
      Batman: Oda Wadda Simba. Almost six o'clock in our nomenclature. In the 14th Dynasty, the Hour of the Hyena. The time when ancient Egyptian super-criminals invariably struck.
      Robin: Gosh, Batman, is there anything you don't know?
      Batman: Ah. Oh yes, Robin. Several things, in fact.

    • Robin: What the heck. The failure signal.
      Batman: Circuits on the blink, I'm afraid.
      Robin: How can it be?
      Batman: Human mechanisms are made by human hands, Robin. None of them is infallible. It's a lesson which must be faced.

    • Robin: Right, Alfred, this one we gotta pull ourselves. To the Batmobile!
      Alfred: To the... Batmobile? But... you don't have a... license to drive, Master Robin.
      Robin: But you do!

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    • Batman: In the 14th Dynasty, the Hour of the Hyena.
      The 14th Dynasty of Egypt lasted roughly 15 years (1705–1690 BC)andwas within the time period known as the Middle Kingdom.