Season 1 Episode 32

The Riddler's False Notion

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Apr 28, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

After leaving Van Jones' fatal party, Batman returns to his now-empty Batmobile. There, along with Commissioner Gordon, he finds 2 more Riddles (shot from his Batvehicle's Antitheft Rocket chambers), which lead him to The Gotham Lumberyard, where The Riddler is shooting Robin's demise under the buzz saw's teeth! As The Caped Crusader makes ready to save The Boy Wonder, The Riddler, disguised as a silent-film cliffhanger villain (complete with black top hat, cape and mustache!) attacks Batman with his bullwhip! Realizing his junior partner is in danger, Batman rushes to his aid, giving Riddler and C.B., Von Bloheim and Wolf the distraction they need to escape. When Batman reaches the boy at the saw, he finds he has been duped by a Robin-disguised dummy. Just then, Pauline spots The Caped Crusader and tries to make her escape, but is quickly captured and taken to The Batcave, along with Commissioner Gordon (as insurance that Batman won't use methods which might bounce back on him in court), after dosing them both with Batgas. There in The Batcave, Pauline reveals 2 more Riddles which lead The Batman to the top of The Chessman Building.
Again, The Caped Crusader finds The Riddler filming The Boy Wonder, this time as Robin is about to be pushed off a ledge onto the street below, and the crooked crew is preparing to film Robin's fatal fall during an unsuccessful "Harold Lloyd"-scene. Batman tosses down a Batarang just as Riddler thrusts Robin over the edge, and the boy catches it between his teeth. The Batman then lifts him up to the top of the building, but The Duo lose The Riddler and his felonious filmsters, who escape by helicopter and treat The Dynamic Duo to a skywriting clue that has a false meaning. Later, The Riddler, dressed as a desperado, arrives the home of silent-film magnate Van Jones, who has agreed to pay $100,000 for the footage of Batman and Robin; however, Riddler, not content with the money, has his cronies steal Van Jones' entire film collection and hold it for a sizable ransom! This dastardly scheme is, of course, foiled by our heroes, who weren't fooled by Riddler's double dealing clues one bit! The Dynamic Duo later show up at Wayne Manor to give Aunt Harriet a special birthday kiss.

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