Season 2 Episode 7

The Spell of Tut

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

Two apparently clueless minions of the nefarious archcriminal King Tut break into the mansion of a Man of Distinction and steal only a string of amber beads. Batman and Robin are called in to investigate and discover from their only clue, a lead pestle, that Tut is at his hideout in The Apex Apothecary Shop, attempting to release a handful of ancient scarab beetles, preserved for millennia in the amber. The heroes interrupt Tut in his work, but, in the ensuing Batfight, are waylaid by sneezing powder, giving the girthful pharaoh and his Tutlings time to escape with the now revived scarabs.

The Peerless Pair have only a lone beetle to take back to The Batcave for examination. Their analysis reveals that Tut hopes to create a terrible ancient potion called abu raubu simbu tu, which can be used to subdue the human will, and The Pudgy Pharaoh, armed with the formerly extinct scarabs, will make enough of the drug (95,000 gallons, to be exact, according to The Apothecary) to put all of Gotham under his power! The Batman decides to set an intricate plan to entrap The Misguided Monarch. He has the sphinx Tut formerly employed to make ill-fated predictions delivered to Wayne Manor's front lawn. Hoping that Tut's men will snatch the statue, he has Robin hide inside it.

The Criminal King swallows the bait by claiming his evil property. While in contact with Batman, Robin accidentally drops his Batcommunicator, alerting Tut to his presence. The Boy Wonder is dragged from the statue and is about to be made a guinea pig for Tut's evil drug when he overpowers Tut's men and escapes through an unlocked door, hoping to reach the outside---only to instead find himself on a narrow platform suspended over a deadly pit of Tut's pet crocodiles! The platform is slowly pulled out from Robin, while The Caped Crusader speeds to the rescue. Can he make it??

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