Season 1 Episode 13

The Thirteenth Hat

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1966 on ABC



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    • Narrator: How does Batman get out of this plaster trap?? Has the Mad Hatter outwitted the Dynamic Duo?? For his own evil ends?? The web of terror is just starting to tighten! Like the wet plaster is starting to harden!! Be prepared! Tomorrow!! Same Bat-Time!! Same Bat-Channel!!

  • Notes

    • The Mad Hatter in this episode is based off the one appearing the comics at the time. Although in 1981, it was revealed that this Mad Hatter was an impostor when the real Jervis Tetch returned. The impostor Mad Hatter would return one more time in 1985 and then he never appeared again.

    • Bruce Wayne makes mention of a famous sculpture named Carnado, who actually is the name of the villain from the comic books of whom Zelda the Great was based on.

    • Based on "The New Crimes of The Mad Hatter" from Batman #161 (February 1964) by Dave Wood, in which The Mad Hatter commits crimes based on the jobs of the 12 jurors who sent him to prison.

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