Season 3 Episode 3

The Wail of the Siren

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 1967 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Bruce Wayne was restored to normal by listening Siren's "antidote note". Gordon and O'Hara do not receive such a treatment (and they couldn't possibly get it, even off-screen), but they are still completely fine and cured by the end of the episode.

  • Quotes

    • The Siren: I want to become the wickedest woman in Gotham City, and, thus, in the world!

    • Robin: (unknown to him that and entranced Bruce Wayne just sold Siren the building) Your goose so to speak is cooked!
      The Siren: Not by a long shot, short stuff. I now own this building.

    • The Siren: Well look who's here, Batgirl and Batboy!

    • Batgirl: Oh, Bruce, if only you were more like Batman.
      Bruce Wayne: (still under the Siren's stunning spell) Batman...
      Batgirl: Perhaps then you would have had the strength to resist the Siren's stunning spell.

    • Alfred: (under the Siren's spell, Commissioner Gordon has stowed away in the Batmobile after which it returned to the Batcave) Commissioner Gordon, what are you doing here?
      Commissioner Gordon
      : You! You're Alfred, Millionaire Bruce Wayne's butler. And that voice! The same nameless voice that often answers the Batphone.
      Alfred: I'm afraid you're making a mistake, sir.
      Commissioner Gordon: Mistake? Nonsence! Obviously this is the Batcave... Ergo Batman is Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson is Robin the Boy Wonder. Hmm hmm!

    • Batgirl, Batgirl!
      Batgirl, Batgirl!
      Where do you come from? Where do you go?
      What is your scene? Baby, we just gotta know!

      Batgirl, Batgirl!
      Batgirl, Batgirl!
      Are you a chick who fell in from outer space,
      Or are you real with a tender warm embrace?
      Yeah, whose baby are you?
      Batgirl, Batgirl!
      Batgirl, Batgirl!
      Yeah, whose baby are you?

      --The Batgirl theme song

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