Season 1 Episode 17

True or False Face

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Mar 09, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

The wily master of disguise, False Face, steals The Mergenberg Crown by masquerading as the Queen's escort, and replaces it with a false one right under the watchful eyes of the police. Included with the paste crown is an obscure clue revealing to Batman and Robin that False Face's next crime will be the hijacking of an armored car. They catch him red-handed at the Gotham City Bank, but he escapes in his Trick-Truck. The Dynamic Duo spirit False Face to an alley, where his flunkies give battle. The police arrive in time to apprehend the gang, but False Face disguises himself as Police Chief O'Hara and escapes.

Suspecting a counterfeit money scheme is in the works, The Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder rush to the bank note printer's office and capture False Face's slinky assistant, Blaze, who is attempting to make off with a load of money paper. At Police Headquarters Blaze is interrogated, with the fake O'Hara taking part. She is torn between infatuation with Batman and her loyalty to False Face, but finally she agrees to lead the Caped Crusader to the criminal's hideout... but it's a ruse! False Face, disguised as a gumball machine, gasses Batman while Blaze clonks Robin over the head. The Dynamic Duo are glued to the subway rail tracks by a super-strong epoxy, as a train hurtles toward them and will momentarily trisect them!

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