Batman Beyond

Season 1 Episode 12

A Touch of Curaré

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 15, 1999 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Curare cuts the door to the room holding the dummy of Commissioner's Gordon's husband, we see it cut into pieces (first six and then four). When Commission Gordon returns to the room (after Curare escapes) the door no longer has any damage and is again a set of double doors with handles.

    • Before Curare cuts open the door of the room holding the dummy of Commissioner Gordon's husband, we see that it's a double door. When Curare cuts the door open with her sword, we see six pieces (three on each side). When Curare kicks the door open the door seam is missing and now there are only four sections to the door.

    • In the opening fight scene, Batman coils a rope around Curare. When she cuts the rope with her sword, the pieces fall to her feet. However, in the next shot, the rope fragments are gone.

    • Trivia: Dick Grayson is mentioned by name for the first time (he was only alluded to in "Spellbound").

  • Quotes

    • Terry: You're Batgirl! (to Bruce) She's Batgirl!
      Barbara: Was Batgirl. That brand of costume justice went out with the Tommy gun, kid.

    • Barbara: (on radio) Check Point Two, everything okay?
      Policeman: Perimeters are all secure, ma'am. Tight as a coffin.
      Sam: (sarcastically) That's reassuring.

    • Barbara: Hard to believe you're still remaking your image at this late date.
      Bruce: I never forced him.
      Terry: It's what I wanted.
      Barbara: That's what we all thought, at the beginning.

    • Terry: She still throws a pretty mean batarang.
      Bruce: She always did.

    • Terry: (about Bruce) Why do you hate him so much?
      Barbara: Ancient history McGinnis.
      Terry: History is my favorite subject.
      (inside the coffee shop)
      Barbara: No, I don't hate him. I hate what he's become. Such a great man, so alone.

  • Notes

    • Although Melissa Disney is credited as the "voice" of Curare, the character never voices a single word in any of her appearances.

    • The debut appearance of Curare.

    • The exchange between Barbara and Bruce in the Batcave about him manipulating Terry into becoming Batman is almost exactly the same as the conversation between Batman and Robin in the Batman episode "Old Wounds," where Robin accuses Batman of manipulating Barbara into becoming Batgirl.

    • Barbara's involvement with Bruce was after the end of Batman Gotham Knights. In "Chemistry," the fourth-to-the-last episode, Bruce married someone and Barbara still seemed interested in Dick. In Mystery of the Batwoman, it's suggested that Bruce and Barbara are involved.

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