Batman Beyond

Season 2 Episode 26

Ace in the Hole

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Aug 19, 2000 on The WB

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  • The origins of ace except it boring ,pointless and nobody cares

    ace ,it seems, was formerly owned by a nasty man who used to hit the poor lamb with a newpaper.
    Flashbacks reveal he was training him to be a savage fighter in his illegal bouts fortunately for him he escaped and found brucey boy.
    unfortunately for us theres an entire episode about him.
    Oh deary me
    I just cant say this loudly enough
    he goes missing
    dont care he gets captured
    dont care

    you have to be able to care about the characters
    and have some kind of emotional investment in them in order for the plot lines to carry a punch.
    but this is just ace, the annoying and angry dog that even bruce didnt always seem to like

    a tour de force of pointless tv
    with a ok battle lumped in at the end
  • Ace goes missing after chasing after someone from his past. Bruce Wayne recalls how he first met Ace, while Terry's searching uncovers a underground sporting ring.

    "Ace in the Hole" was an episode that had to happen because he was a supporting character since the pilot episode "Rebirth." The most important part of the episode is when Bruce Wayne is flashback about how he met Ace The Bat-Hound. Also when Ace is going against the mutated huge dog in the area, you see how strong he is and loyal he is when Batman is about to get killed by the dog. This episode also has a strong message; do not abuse any animals, specifically for sport. "Ace in the Hole" is a must see "Batman Beyond" episode.