Batman Beyond

Season 1 Episode 3

Black Out

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 30, 1999 on The WB
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One of Wayne-Powers' chief rivals for government contracts is under constant attack by a saboteur - namely Inque, a woman mutated into a shapechanging, liquid, and extremely agile blue blob.

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  • A dark shape shifting assassin targets a rival of the wayne powers company. When batsy keeps foiling her plans she stows away in the batcar and hitches a ride into the cavemoreless

    A good season one opener

    Wayne is deffinately the brains of the outfit at this point

    Mcginnis is still too impetuis and green.

    Ink is a very good villian and deals out some seriuos punishment to batman.

    She even manages to chrash the batcave and attack bruce.

    The scene with the vomiting batman was a little twisted and highlighted what an unusual show this is.

    Batgirls appearance as a now aged commisoner gordon

    was good as was the mention of the fox family.

    It was nice to see the "future" angle wasnt just an excuse to dispose of continuety.

    It should be very inteesting to see how these relationships develop over the course of the show.

    I thinking a father/son relation for bruce and terry.

    If terry can stand working with the grumpy sod wayne has becomemoreless
  • inque

    A company is being destroyed by a mysterious villian and its up to terry (lol. that name cracks me up) to stop this from happening cause vrue wayne said anyhow, the episode goes on and the villain is basically a bit of ink that can go anywhere she wants. and so the episode finishes with a big fight in the bat cave. This results in major destruciton and is quite exciting. overall this is a good episode, with some nice touches, but i have to say the main villain reminded me of sandman from the spider man comic. 8 out of 10moreless
  • An original Villian INQUE is introduced in this episode!!!!

    I think Inque was one of the best villians of Batman Beyond. She's a great ORIGINAL idea. I was happy that they didn't just go for recycling all the old bad guys at once. They actually produced some original bad guys. This episode dealt with another issue (Batman's secret identity) without making a huge issue out of it. Inque actually figures out where the Batcave is and knows that there is an "old man"...maybe his "father" that is helping Batman. I thought that they brought that issue up really fast but handled it well. Everyone always tries to Blackmail Batman with the whole secret identity thing yet Inque didn't see what the big deal was other then the fact that she wanted to kill both Terry and Bruce.moreless
  • Inque and the "new" Commissioner Gordon are introduced. and we get to see "old" Bruce in action again while hosing down Inque in the cave.

    i think it was a nice way to introduce a new villian(ness) to the mythos. the tension between Powers and Bruce is pretty evident here even though it seemed lacking in the 1st couple of episodes. having that reference to the (Luscious)Fox family was a nice touch also. all in all a good episode just a notch below excellent.
Shannon Kenny

Shannon Kenny


Guest Star

Mari Devon

Mari Devon

Miss Winston

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Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Security Chief

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Sherman Howard

Sherman Howard

Derek Powers / Blight

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    • Dana: Mr. Wayne? (He's) sure got you on a short leash, doesn't he?
      Terry: He needs me. Sorry.
      Dana: It isn't normal.
      Terry: (to himself) You have no idea.

    • Bruce: In case you're worried, I didn't come here to set up shop again.
      Derek: Why Bruce, you've misread me. I don't worry.

    • Inque: (Bruce) knows too much.
      Derek: He's just fishing. I'll send him an extra basket of oranges this Christmas and he'll be happy.

    • (After vomiting Inque out of himself)
      Batman: (choking) What kept you?
      Bruce: Sudden case of shyness.

    • Bruce: McGinnis! Get out of there!
      Batman: In a second, I'm looking around.
      Bruce: I said get out. Now!
      Batman: Why?
      (gets beaten up by Inque)

    • Batman: So Powers is crippling the competition with sabotage.
      Bruce: And until we can stop him, you're FoxTecna's guardian angel. Now tell me what you see.
      Batman: Looks like somebody's celebrating July 4th inside their office. I'm going in.

    • (Whispering)
      Terry: So did you beat it out of him?
      Bruce: Not exactly. But I do have some things to check out.
      Terry: Okay if I get some time of my own tonight?
      Bruce: Don't count on it.
      (Terry frowns)

    • Derek: (sees Terry) The McGinnis boy.
      Terry: I work for Mr. Wayne now.
      Derek: So I suppose with your father gone that would make you the bread winner now.

    • Barbara: Gordon. I thought I would hear from you. Word on the street is you wrangled a new errand boy.
      Bruce: I didn't wrangle anyone. You all came to me.
      Barbara: Maybe once you should talk someone out of it.
      Bruce: Would it have worked for you? I don't suppose you want to meet him.
      Barbara: You know I can't.
      Bruce: Because he's leaving you a reaquaint gift right now.

    • Terry: Look, you might be used to dealing with monsters and freaks but I'm a little new at this. I don't even know what half this stuff is!
      Bruce: Way before your time.

    • Terry: What did you send me into, it was like some kind of blob! You should have warned me!
      Bruce: I tried.

    • Inque: He has an accomplice, I heard him speak with someone over on a radio link.
      Derek: Then do them both! I'll pay you whatever you want.
      Inque: No wonder I like working with you.

    • (While flying the Batmobile)
      Batman: Wahoo!!
      Bruce: Mind not doing that!
      Batman: Sorry.

    • (Batman flying the Batmobile)
      Batman: This is unbearably cool.
      Bruce: Remember, easy gesture. Let the suit do the work.

    • Batman: Wayne, you there?
      Bruce: Go ahead.
      Batman: Is there any time of day I get a social life?
      Bruce: Not in this business.
      Batman: You get a real kick out of this, don't you?

    • Terry: (on the phone) Yeah. But... on my way.
      Dana: Mr. Wayne. Sure got ya on a short leash, doesn't he?
      Terry: He needs me. Sorry.
      Dana: It isn't normal.
      Terry: You have no idea.

    • Bruce: If you scratch (the Batmobile) no allowance.

    • (To elderly Bruce Wayne)
      Derek: So how are you holding up, Bruce?
      Bruce: With a cane.

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