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    Hi im new, I just finiched watching the Batman Beyond series and i really loved the it but then a episode named "the Call" where the Justice league and Superman where in it i was very disaponted i didnt expected they where portrated in the same world. does that episode make part of the original storyline of the Batman world??

    And Just now i saw a episode of Justige League Unlimeted where Terry is older and he finds out Bruce is hes father from his DNA or someting, and that he was a part of a "project batman beyond" program. to make him the next batman.If that was really a part of the true Batman Beyond storyline dont you think it was to conviniant that Terry encounter Bruce in episode 1 and that he suddenly find his way in the batcave??

    Anyway, i tough Justice League series was "based" of DC character's storylines and not "connected" with eachother.

    like example Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts.

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    Batman The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Superman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, Zeta Project, and Static Shock are connected to each other it is known as the DC Animated Universe. The stories happened in the same continutiy for example Terry being Bruce's son through the Project Batman Beyond, that was created by Amanda Waller. She was head of the Cadmus Project in Justice League Unlimited and the experiences with JL she told Terry about happened in the JLU show.

    Shows like The Batman, Teen Titans, or Batman Brave and the Bold are not connected to any of this shows and act as there own continutiy separte from the other shows. I hope I explained it clear enough.
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    I guess all i can say now is yep.
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