Batman Beyond

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 06, 1999 on The WB

Episode Recap

At the Hamilton Hill High School, a nerdy-looking kid is hanging out waiting for someone. A high school girl, Blade, dressed in a short top and mini-skirt step out and begins her walk home. The kid chases after her and calls out her name. She doesn't remember his. He reminds her that it's "Willy. Willy Watt." Hoping to spend more time with her, he offers to tutor her for their Robotics class.

He is interrupted by the screeching of a car. Nelson Nash, a school jock, pulls up in his car. He brushes Willy aside and invites Blade for a ride. She plays hard to get, and starts taking out his frustration on Willy. Fortunately, Terry comes to the rescue. Thwarted once again, Nelson drives off.

Late, elsewhere in the city at a construction site, a two-storey man-shaped robot is moving girders into place, controlled by a worker with a electronic headband (the control halo). The angry foreman is Willy's father and he advises son to get revenge on his bully. Willy is unconvinced of that strategy. His father grabs him and tells Willy he does not want a "wuss" for a son. He tells his son to hit back where it hurts.

That night, Batman is patrolling the city. Using the Batsuit's camouflage option, he's observing a basketball game undetected. Just when the started to get interesting, police cars rush by on a nearby roadway, sirens blaring. The robot from earlier, Galvanic Lifting Machine (G.L.M. pronounced "Golem"), has been stolen. The police reason, the Golem being the it is, it could not have gotten far.

And indeed it has not. At a mall, Nelson is accompanying Blade at the mall. The Golem, controlled by Willy, walks into the parking lot, and captures Nelson in his car trying to escape. Nelson manages to jump out, but the car is crushed. Just as the Golem is about to go after Nelson himself, Batman swoops in, and throws a couple explosives. Unfazed, the Golem pulls a support pillar from the mall and swings it at Batman. Batman manages to dodge it and climbs to the underside of an outdoor elevator. The Golem punches, but Batman dodges again. The punch lands on the elevators electrical system, frying the Golem and somehow Willy along within. The Golem is down, but Willy manages to get up and walk away, leaving behind the Golem's control halo. The police have now found the Golem and impound it.

Anaylsing the footage from the Mall security camera's, Bruce remarks how the Golem went straight for Nelson's car and asks if he had any enemies. "The line starts with me, and goes around the block. Twice," says Terry.

At breakfast, Willy's dad is furious that the Golem is impounded because he will not be able to finish his construction project. He wishes he could punish the thief, and Willy mutters something about being punished enough.

Nelson is having a hard time explaining to Blade why he tried to save himself and his car, leaving Blade all alone to fend for herself. Hoping to make Nelson jealous, she asks Willy to take her to the dance on Saturday night. Overwhelmed, Willy agrees, but finds Nelson not taking the news so well. He knocks Willy to the wall, but a teacher walks by them, prompting Nelson to stop. The scene flashes to the Golem re-activating at the police impound, and Willy's hands showing sparks of electricity. Willy smiles and the Golem breaks free of its restraints and walks out.

Willy is skipping school and has come to the Jokerz territory where three of them try to intimidate Willy. He turns the tables on them by calling the Golem to fight them off for him. Now that he has the Golem and Blade, Willy's feeling a lot more confident.

It's Saturday night and at the school dance, Terry was able to get time off to be with Dana. It won't last though since Nelson is determined to win Blade back, any way he can. He and his buddies take Willy for a long walk off a short pier. Incensed, Willy calls the Golem out, and it begins its destructive walk towards the dance. Seeing the Golem in his car, Willy's dad follows it.

Willy has climbed out of the water and heading towards Nelson to get his revenge. Though Dana tries to intervene, Willy ignores her. Terry gets a call though and it's time for him to change outfits. The Golem bursts onto the fairgrounds of the dance, scatters it participants, and heads straight for Nelson (who brusquely brushes Blade aside again to escape). The Golem is about to crush Nelson like an ant, but is saved by a reluctant Batman who throws him in the water, out of harm's way. Batman is caught by the Golem, but Willy's dad interrupts him, demanding that Willy stop acting this way. He does not listen and the Golem takes a swing at his dad. Genuinely frightened now, his dad climbs the frame of an unfinished building while Batman attempts to disable the Golem with explosives.

Batman climbs the same building, and the Golem exhibits more abilities than just its incredible strength. Acting quickly, Batman throws acids onto the Golem's sensor eye causing pain to Willy as well. The Golem backs into the building catapulting Willy's father almost off the building, but he manages to grab hold of a loose beam. Batman advises him to jump into the water, but is told he does not know how to swim. Willy regains his vision, and fires the Golem's flame thrower. His father finally falls but is caught by Batman and dropped out into a pile of stuff toys.

Batman flies onto a rotating ride and shoots two grappling hooks into the Golem, using the rides spin to tie it up. The resulting explosion causes the Golem to be split in half at the waist. Willy weeps over the lost of the Golem. Batman advises his father to talk to him while he has the chance. His father remarks that he can't be a wuss any more, after causing so much trouble. Batman glares briefly, then flies off.

Sentenced to serve time in a juvenile detention center, Willy is watching to news. Some more bullies want him to change the channel, but the TV starts to spark, throwing electricity in different directions, then exploding. The bullies back off and Willy grins.