Batman Beyond

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Feb 20, 1999 on The WB
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Gotham gets some extra help in the form of The Terrific Trio, three scientists with superpowers gained from a radiation accident, now fighting crime with full government backing. Alas, behind the scenes, things aren't as terrific as they seem.

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  • The Terrific Trio is a blatant rip off of the Fantastic Four but I love when comics rip each other off.

    The Terrific Trio is great. Magma is my favorite. He's a gigantic walking Volcano with an attitude because he can't be with the woman he loves. He definitely has the same complex that The Thing has. I would too if I was a human Volcanic Rock. Batman gets to take a little break from saving everyone and the Terrific Trio shows why most super heros are independantly wealthy and self-supportive because the government has their own plans with super heros. The Terrific Trio was governmently funded and then SHUT DOWN just like any other project that either gives them trouble or loses funding. They attacked the Terrific Trio!!! They could've tried to help them but instead they just tried to eliminate them. Thanks Government.moreless
  • An alright episode...

    In this episode these other heroes known as the terrific trio come to gotham and well do what heroes do. they were all turned into heroes by accident. I think that they just ripped off the fantastic 4 in this episode. Butmarvel comics aren't my favorite i like DC better so it doesn't really matter. They have 2 dimensional man, Magma, and this other girl who is like mist. I liked it in this episode when terry and matt are out in the mall and matt says that the terrific trio has nothing on batman and terry offers to buy him ice cream and matt says why are you being so nice? This was a good episode not the best but still not the worst. later...moreless
  • The true nature of heroism

    A accident invovling radiation

    turns three scientists

    into superpowered beings

    The terific trio

    MAGMA :a clayface clone with super heat powers

    FREON:an insubstantail ice queen who cannot touch her boyfriend (magma)

    2D MAN:Wearing a copy of elongated man`s outfit and having his powers pretty much

    After some success beating criminals and suplating batman as gotham`s defenders the new heroes discover that there more to the business than the adulation of the masses .

    Turns out the radiation that gave them there powers is also slowly killing them.There goverment handlers have been keeping that information from them. They quickly turn very unheroic and threaten the city,Magma and co activate there atomic device again knowing that this time it could destroy the city.

    There friend advises against it .He admits his love for freon caused him to sabotage the device hoping to kill magma and get the girl.

    Batsy must defeat the trio before gotham glows in the dark.

    A kind of relatistic version of the fantastic four.

    The radiation ,source of many super powers actually causes there cells to breaks down(real science??in a cartoon)

    The heroes are minipulated by the goverment and others

    for thier powers.moreless
  • The Terrific Trio?

    As a fan of comic books, i know when i see a rip off- but The Terrific Trio? This is so blatant they might as well be holding as sign saying "we are the fantastic 4" jumping up and down screamin "dont look at us". if it was the actually fantastic four, i wouldnt have minded the episode- but becaue it is the The Terrific Trio it just p***ed me off. The story was very predictable. i was supried that DC or whoever made this sunk so low to copy others. they should think some new stuff up and get on with it. 5 out of 10moreless
  • n/a

    just like it says in my classification field, this was one of the better written episodes in that neither Terry nor Bruce had all the answers. it was a bit sad to see how the "terrific trio" turned on each other but it seemed as if it was enviatable and i guess as the episode showed it was.
Will Friedle

Will Friedle

Terry McGinnis / Batman

Ryan O'Donohue

Ryan O'Donohue

Matt McGinnis

Stockard Channing

Stockard Channing

Commissioner Barbara Gordon

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy

Bruce Wayne

Robert Davi

Robert Davi

Magma / Dr. Mike Morgan

Guest Star

Laura San Giacomo

Laura San Giacomo

Freon / Mary Michaels

Guest Star

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

2-D Man / Stewart Lowe

Guest Star

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

General Norman

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the opening scene, the bad guy crashes into a billboard. On the billboard, the "r" in "Work, Win" is backwards.

    • In the end, where the fourth scientist's legs were frozen, if you look closely in another scene, they are unfrozen and then they are frozen again.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Matt: Hey, peg it, Magma underwear.
      Terry: (disinterested) Shway.
      Shop Clerk: Yeah, it's great to finally have some clean, wholesome heroes the kids can look up to.
      Matt: Eh, those guys are twips. Batman rips.
      Terry: You think?
      Matt: Big time!
      Terry: How about an ice cream? My treat.
      Matt: Sure! What's the catch?

    • Batman: Satisfied?
      Dr. Hodges: No. You don't understand, I was their friend.
      Batman: Right.

    • Batman: Now the army's attacking - I thought they were the good guys too!

    • Batman: Magma. Working solo tonight?
      Magma: Out of my way! (punches Batman)
      Batman: How about showing a fellow civil servant some professional courtesy? (Magma slams Batman against a wall) And I thought he was one of the good guys.

    • Batman: Er oh. (sees lava footsteps on the floor)
      Bruce: What is it?
      Batman: It ain't Smokey the Bear.

    • Batman: (to Bruce) I don't know why you bother to send me out. With the Terrific Trio around, there not even a purse snatcher in sight!

    • Terry: Looks like I'll have a lot more time to do my homework now.
      Bruce: We'll see.

    • (Magma smashes a police car)
      Policeman #1: Hey! That's police property!
      Policeman #2: You tell him.

    • Batman: (upon flying near a building) I'm picking up some heat signatures.
      Bruce: (in Batcave) Fire?
      Batman: Or a weenie roast.

    • Terry: Remember, you're heroes.
      Magma: No, real heroes, they make a choice. We never did.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Batman Lifting Debris
      This scene references Amazing Spider-Man #31, the famous issue where Spider-Man battles the Master Planner and needs to lift a ton of debris to get the medicine his Aunt May needs in time.

    • The Terrific Trio
      Clearly the group is an allusion to Marvel Comic's Fantastic Four. Magma is a cross between the Human Torch and the Thing, 2-D Man can stretch like Mr. Fantastic (although Hodges has his super-intelligence), and Freon can turn (semi-)transparent and create clear structures (out of ice rather then force fields).