Batman Beyond

Season 3 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 30, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When the Repo Man scans each of Deanna's credit cards, he swipes the plastic part of the card through the scanner and not the black magnetic strip.

    • In the scene where Inque escapes from the office, she is shown moving right through a solid glass window without it breaking.

  • Quotes

    • Deanna: (about Batman being buried under sand and metal) Is he dead?
      Inque: Close enough.

    • Batman: I'm on my way to the Mutagenics lab. If Inque's that badly injured, she's gonna need more mutagene. You track down that account yet?
      Max: Geniuses can't be rushed, you know.
      Batman: So, how mad was Dana that I blew off our date?
      Max: Actually, she wasn't mad at all. Says she understands the special nature of your job.
      Batman: What?!! She found out?!
      Max: Relax. She was talking about your relationship with Mr.Wayne. She said with your dad being gone, it was important that you have a positive father. Bruce Wayne -- some father figure!

    • Dana: Let me guess. He's been summoned by the great Mr. Wayne again? Huh, poor guy.
      Max: You're not mad?
      Dana: Not since I figured what's been really going on...

    • Dana: I didn't know Max was in this class?
      Terry: Max?! (Max holds up some papers) I, er... borrowed the new Didno Boys disc from yesterday. Guess she wants it back.

    • Dana: Do you have some time after school? Some of us are going over to Rhino's, and I thought it would be nice to just hang for a change.
      Terry: I ca -- (Dana frowns) -- I'll make time.
      Dana: Great!

    • (After Inque breaks out of an ice block)
      Batman: What the heck was that?!
      Inque: A new technique, Batman. You think I learned nothing from our previous encounters? You should have minded your own business. (Squeezes Batman, and he presses a button which shocks Inque)
      Batman: New circuitry, Inque. Did you think I learned nothing from our previous encounters?
      Inque: I really don't have time for this, Batman.

    • Batman: Inque!! The last time I saw you, you were washed away in a storm!
      Inque: And now, I am rain water fresh, Batman.
      Batman: Soon to be ice water.

    • Batman: You don't get it! He expects me to work even harder while he's gone.
      Max: Why??
      Batman: He always thinks something bad will happen the minute he leaves town. (a bright light appears) And somehow, he's always right!

    • Max: So where did the old man go for a one-on-one?
      Batman: Tibet. He's visiting some guru-mentor-friend. He's got him all over the place.
      Max: Perfect, you can take Dana out to that cozy restaurant on the beach.
      Batman: Can't, got to work.
      Max: You know you're skating on thin ice with her already.

    • Repo Man: You got a problem, lady.
      (He hands out a card)
      Deanna: Credit counselor? I don't need a counselor, what I need is more credit.

    • Batman: I'd be careful.
      Deanna: Of you?
      Batman: Of your mother.
      Deanna: She's dead.
      Batman: She's been dead before.

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