Batman Beyond

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 02, 1999 on The WB

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  • A super secret goverment warmachine crash lands in gotham only to fall into the hands of the jokerz

    With a super fighter in the hands of one of gothams street gangs batman finds himself outclassed by the superior technology of the combat vehicle.

    Eventually he teams up with a scientist dr price who is also looking for the machine.
    Execept for slighty differnt reasons.
    It seems the craft has a fatal design flaw in its reactor core.Continued use of the thing could cuase a catastrophic breach and vapourise half the city.
    She give batso the means to take the craft out of comission,if he can just survive long enough to use it.

    I found this episode quite amusing despite the high stakes of the plot.
    the freaky joker pilot was hilarious in places and seemed to get all the best lines.

    Not the deepest ep
    but a fine addition
  • The Jokerz hijack an experimental military vehicle and set out having "fun", not knowing that a design flaw in its reactor could cause it to blow up, taking half the city with it.

    one of the better episodes that didnt necessarily have to focus on the hero(Batman) and it was hilarious to boot. the Jokerz were seen as real people for once instead of the "clowns" they're so often protrayed as in this series. Wendie Malick did an excellent job voicing Dr. Price and the rest of the cast's voices came along quite nicely. the real treat to this episode was the dialogue was believable. i often try to put myself into situations dealt with in certain episodes and compare how they handled it. i was pleased with the result. one of my personal faves