Batman Beyond

Season 3 Episode 1

King's Ransom

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Sep 16, 2000 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Down on their luck, the Royal Flush gang decide to kidnap Paxton Powers and ransom him to the company. Trouble is - nobody wants to pay.

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  • royal flush gang returns...

    This was a great way to start off season 3, by bringing back the royal flush gang. This time it they are really different King and queen are fighting, Jack has gone to prison and ten isn't with them any more. What was really surprising to me was that Ace turned out to be a robot. Paxton Powers went to jail. The royal flush gang this time around were really sloppy. It was nice that Jack and ten had a happy ending. I liked how king said to batman "Do you know what it is like living in someone's shadow?" then the giant card falls on him and batman said "I do". Later...moreless
  • Not one of the best episodes

    The royal flush gang are trying to get back on top. After loosing daughter tes(10)the royal flush gang arae forced to simple thevery. Down on there luck they dacide to kidnap a high powered executive from Wayne industrys. But things go wrong with intrevirence fron batman there plot is foiled. Not on of the best episodes but still a good instalment. Lots of twists and well written it brings back some old characters and feelings. Also what appears to be the end of the royal flush gang. Over all this is a disappointing episode wich could have been improved by the wrighting.moreless
Will Friedle

Will Friedle

Terry McGinnis / Batman

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy

Bruce Wayne

Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon

Commissioner Barbara Gordon

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    • Paxton: Kill Bruce Wayne! They're lying, I tell you! Bruce Wayne is my mentor! He's like a father to me!
      Barbara: Except he doesn't glow in the dark.

    • King: Do you have any idea what it is like to live is someone's shadow?
      Batman: I can relate.

    • Barbara: They tossed you in the discard pile, Jack, so talk to me.
      Jack: Lady, if you think I'm gonna fold, you're not playing with a full deck.
      (later in the interrogation)
      Jack: What do I know about art? You'll have to ask Daddy. He knows everything. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to be shown to my room, I could use a little time to myself.
      (Batman talks to Bruce while listening through a window pane)
      Batman: Sounds kind of chilly in the house of cards.

    • (phone rings and Bruce answers)
      Bruce: Wayne here.
      King: Mr. Wayne, I'm sure your aware of your company's present predicament. But I'm a fair man. You can have your president back, for a mere 20 million credits.
      Bruce: No deal.
      King: Perhaps you didn't understand. If you don't pay we'll be forced to dispose of him.
      Bruce: I understand perfectly. But it's against company policy to pay terrorists or kidnappers. Ask Paxton. He wrote the policy.
      (Bruce hangs up on King)
      Terry: Uh... Bruce? You're...? You're not really gonna...?
      Bruce: Relax, it's not over.

    • Queen: We've got to finish the job before we attract anymore attention.
      (Batman enters the scene through the roof window)
      Batman: Too late.

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