Batman Beyond

Season 2 Episode 4

Lost Soul

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Oct 09, 1999 on The WB

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  • Is batman the suit or the man underneath?

    When a young rich kid inherits his father's computer company he is quickly overwhelmed and activates an old program to assist him .Seems grampa had his brain digitized to live on after death but his son never activated him.
    Now grandads absorbing the internet, giving orders and generaly behaving like megalomaniacal super computers do in these shows.
    During an encounter with batsy he downloads himself into the suits control systems and takes over.

    Planning on a more conventional body gramps prepares to transfer himself to his sonny boy and retain control of the company.
    Terry goes to confront the super biatch computer with only a nightwing mask and a batarang.
    After sustaining a severe ass kicking terry is eventually triumphant and frees sonny boy while deleting old timer.

    I like this one
    it strips away terry from all his advantage and shows him to be a true hero.
    He goes to face certain doom against a superior foe simply because as batman he can do nothing else.

    A true classic
  • An old AI is reawakened and proceeds to take over all of Gotham's computer systems.

    this one was crap. about the only thing i got from this one was the comment about the previous robins and a glimpse of what was possibly Summer Gleason (the reporter from TAS) but other than that i didnt enjoy this as much as i would have liked. still it was Batman Beyond so it was better than some of the crap that was on tv at the time(and still on mind you).
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