Batman Beyond

Season 1 Episode 1

Rebirth (1)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 10, 1999 on The WB
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When Terry McGinnis' father is killed by a street gang, he turns to an elderly Bruce Wayne for help ... and a new Batman is born.

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  • cool city........

  • For anyone who like Batman in both the animated world and comics throughtout history. This was the worst concept I had ever seen. Despite what the support this is, I wished the more people wouldmoreless

    I would have typed this review a long time agon,

    but I didn't know about the existence of this site

    until this past Sunday. Anyway, regarless of when

    this site came out, I still don't like Batman

    Beyond. I have my reasons why. Hopefully, there

    is going to be any people who my opinons too

    seriously. If they do, it's their problem. I

    well try to type my review as best I can in

    mature and intelligent manner. At first, I didn't

    know what the studio and the producer's were

    planing with Batman's animation career. I checked

    out to see what the hype was and I felt very

    concerned as to how the DC icon would be

    portrayed. I waited patiently and though about it

    after I saw the first episode. My reaction wasn't

    the same as most people who liked it. I gave it

    a lot of thought. Then I began to recall many

    things that were in the show. It didn't impress

    me because of it's lack of originality and the

    animation looked too dark. I thought the

    direction of Bruce Wayne was wrong, silly,

    unthinkable, and dissapointing. It reminded me

    of the Dark Knight Returns. I still don't think

    that it was valid interpetation of the character

    just like this show. I was left to be confused

    as to why Bruce Wayne still didn't have any sons

    or daughters after so many years into the future.

    Another problem was Terry McGennis who like a new

    version of Jason Todd who was also a theif and

    was given a mantle to fight crime. It didn't make

    no sense to me when Bruce W. Timm in a interview

    from a source that an elder samurai was giving the

    sword to a younger warrior. It never happened in

    the episode because I watched it. It was

    dissapointing to see the amination so dark as is

    the new Batman and his new stuff. The suit looked

    terrible because of the logo. It reminded me of

    Jean-Paul Valley wore in the the Knightquest and

    Knightsend saga from comics. He looked like a

    demonic vampire. The suit reminded me of what Bill

    Finger the man who created Bruce Wayne before

    Batman was even published by DC comics had

    rejected of what Bob Kane drew. I read it in

    an interview of Bill rejected it because Batman

    look too much like a superhero, but of course

    in the comics, Batman is a crimefighter. The

    interview of what Bob Kane drew an earlier concept

    of Batman in full detail. Hmmmmmm. It sounds

    interesting. From what I saw, it seemed liked

    Terry only knew how to wrestle in school, but

    Bruce was trained to be martial arts expert and

    an escape artist. To my understanding, the first

    Batman only showed his mouth, teeth, and chin.

    Now, we have one that only shows his smile and

    teeth. I don't see that much difference and yet

    it supposed the future of Gotham. I would think

    somebody would already the most advance digital

    camera known man to identify by his dental

    records. Hmmmmmm. I was getting sick

    and tired of seeing a Batman all in black from

    the movies, animated series, and comic books.

    I wished that it could have been a lighter,

    brighter hero that is professional. The car was

    mess. A smiling Batman was silly and

    unprofessional from Terry. I seemed to recall

    what Bruce Wayne told Tim Drake that what he

    does is dangerous from the A lonely place of

    Dying storyline. The Joker gang was silly and

    original. Bruce Wayne is supposed to himself

    and not some sort of Oracle and Alfred type

    of character. Bruce would either have died

    as Batman in a blaze of glory to save gotham,

    or retire to find a more suitable apprentice

    to take over the mantle of the bat. My point,

    if there was end to Bruce Wayne as Batman, it

    should done right. Powers was some sort of

    Lex Luthor type of guy. Lex Luthor is Lex Luthor.

    No other character can iminate unless it really

    is Lex Luthor in Metropolis. The Wayne Powers

    corporation is an awfull. The Wayne Legacy should

    be hands off anyone exploits it. The Batdance

    was pointless. The Guitar string from the music

    was annoying. What disspointed me the most was

    the story. The plague had already been done death.

    Plus, when the Powers turns into Blythe. The

    problem it seemed like somepeople already done

    something like that in the comics. In the

    Knightquest saga, Jean encounters a fierce green

    skeleton that destroys his suit. Another thing

    was the plague. There two storylines called

    Contagion and Legacy. What is the point of the

    producer's of this show in trying to create a new

    version of Batman with it's lack of orignalty?

    I don't understand. I think they should have

    researched the comics before getting a greenlight

    from the studio.moreless
  • An great pilot to an even greater show...

    Rebirth starts out as an awesome episode, were it shows bruce wayne, without any sidekicks but with an technology packed new suit. That first scene were he stops being batman is extremely well played and gets a good score just for that. What is better is the fluidity and greatness of that scene continues through the whole episode. Terry Mcginnis is a great character pick to become the new batman. Also, i like the idea of a gang based after joker, Gothams greatest nemesis. The villains were good and this is a great origin story for both a new batman, and the new batmans greatest villain. My only complaint is that it lacked enough action, but that is mainly just because it is an setup episode.moreless
  • The Dark Knight returns...

    Batman Beyond begins about 30 years after Batman:TAS. it shows good old Bruce Wayne himself fighting crime as the caped crusader for the last time, which he decides, after having to pull a gun on a thug, just to stay alive. fast forward about 20 more years, to a crime infested, futuristic Gotham City, desperately in need of a new Batman. and who ends up filling these shoes? a teenager named Terry McGinnis.

    Terry is your average juvenile delinquent. he doesn’t listen to his parents, he gets into frequent fights, and no one seems to understand him besides his girlfriend. everything starts changing quickly, after he gets in trouble with the Jokerz gang. they show up at Bruce Wayne's door, and he ends up saving him. Meanwhile, Terry's dad gets in over his head at the Wayne Powers corporation, and ends up getting killed. Terry goes back to Bruce's mansion., and everything begins from there...

    overall, I think this was a perfect way to kick off the series, and introduce Terry as a protagonist. it's better to watch both parts of this episode at once, so you get the whole origin story.moreless
  • Great episode...

    we get to see batman back in action, well sorta. bruce wayne quit being batman because when he was rescuing someone he started to have a heart attack and he took the kid nappers gun and pointed it at him, then he was in the batcave, shut off the lights and said never again. I thought this was a great way to start off a new show. Later in the episode a kid named terry discovers bruce waynes secret. when terry goes home he finds out that his father was killed, making him go to bruce wayne for help. In case no one knows this is a continuation of batman Gotham Knights. Later...moreless
George Takei

George Takei

Mr. Fixx

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Michael Gross

Michael Gross

Warren McGinnis

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Rino Romano

Rino Romano


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Seth Green (I)

Seth Green (I)

Nelson Nash

Recurring Role

Sherman Howard

Sherman Howard

Derek Powers / Blight

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Trivia: When first seen, the Wayne Power's building's neighbor has a Chinese character adorning its facade. The character, 悪, is read as either 'e' or 'wu' (in Japanese it's 'o' or 'aku') and means "evil" or "hate."

    • The disk Terry gets from his dad changes from a mini-disk to a full-size CD when Terry is talking to Bruce through the intercom at the gate. It changes back to a mini-disk in the next episode.

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  • NOTES (16)

    • Kevin Conroy plays the part of Batman (original) and Bruce Wayne in this episode.  Will Friedle only plays the part of Terry McGinnis and is not the Batman in this episode.

    • This episode was nominated for a Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Writing in an Animated Television Production.

    • This episode, along with "Rebirth, Part 2", "Dead Man's Hand", "The Winning Edge", and "Golem," was released on DVD as Batman Beyond: The Movie.

    • Issue 1 of the Batman Beyond comic book miniseries is an adaptation of this episode.

    • This episode aired on a Sunday.

    • The new Bat-symbol is the exact same as the Batwoman's.

    • According to Bruce Timm, Batman Beyond is set 50 years in the future from "now." "Now" being whenever the viewer is watching. Some promotional materials incorrectly stated it was 40 years in the future. Thus, Bruce Wayne here is approximately 80 years old.

    • The working title was Batman Beyond: The Movie.

    • The show was supposed to be called Batman of the Future but never made it to the producers in time. Instead, it was called Batman of the Future in other countries.

    • In the Batcave, Bruce has Nightwing's costume in a glass case on a manakin, along with Tim Drake's Robin costume, the original Batman's costume, and Batgirl's costume. But why doesn't he have Dick Grayson's Robin costume?

    • Was released on VHS.

    • In a nod to the original animated Batman, Terry's high school is called Hamilton Hill High School, named after Gotham City's mayor during the duration of Batman: TAS.

    • The motorcycle chase that ends at Wayne Manor seems to have been inspired by the anime film Akira.

    • The kidnappee in the introduction, Bunny Vreeland, is the progeny of Veronica Vreeland, who appeared in the Batman TAS episode "Chemistry."

    • Alfred is not seen in this episode, either in the flashback or the modern-day/future sequences. The official web site once claimed that the Batcave computer was somehow programmed with him, but this was never born out in this or any subsequent episode.

    • Originally aired as a single movie-length cartoon, and is retained in that format on the video release. Cartoon Network typically shows it as a two-part episode, however.


    • Club 54
      The club Terry and Dana are waiting in line for is called "Club 54 Level". This is a reference to Manhattan's famed '70s nightclub, "Club 54" that was the object of the historical drama film, 54 (1998).