Batman Beyond

Season 1 Episode 2

Rebirth (2)

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Jan 10, 1999 on The WB
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Episode Summary

On the way to Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Terry is stopped by Powers' guards and barely escapes - losing the evidence in the process. With no legal remedy, he takes matters into his own hands - stealing the Bat Suit.

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  • The new Batman is born and this Batman has created his own Joker (Blight)

    When Bruce gave up being Batman, former troublemaker Terry McGinnis is the new caped crusader, but cooler.
  • The new batman...

    After seeking help from bruce, terry is sent to commishiner barbara gordon. The one who had his father killed stops him and takes the evidence. terry goes back to wayne manor and steals the batsuit he takes care of his father's killer and is accepted by bruce and made the new batman. But his father's old boss who was behind it all is exposed to radiation and is now a supervillain let's say. The cover story for terry is that he works for bruce wayne. This is a great conclusion to th pilot episode and this is a very great way to start the series. the whole idea of the batman of the future is so original and excellent. Later...moreless
  • getting better

    so its the second part of the pilot, and finally terry gets in to the bat suit, and goes to kick ass. The episode carry straight on from last and is a lot better. We see terry in action as he comes to grips as the new batman. He finds out who killed his father, and goes out to seek revenge as well as stop the future of chemical warfare. This episode is filled with action and is quite good. the episode finishes with bruce wayne hiring terry for a permanant job, a metaphore for being batman full time. very goodmoreless
  • A Batman is born

    Continuing from where the previous episode left off, Bruce Wayne lets Terry inside his manor and tells him to go to Comissioner Barbara Gordon for help; he refuses to let him take the new and improved Batman suit.

    Terry leaves but he meets some of Powers' bodyguards who want to make sure the police won't find out anything about the little "incident" involving McGinniss' father; Terry however manages to escape. He returns to the Batcave and "borrows" the semi-robotic Batsuit in order to avenge his father's death.

    Guided by Wayne himself, Terry manages to defeat all of Powers' guards and avenges his father's death.

    Memorable scene: When Terry is fighting Mr. Fixx, he sais "I am Batman". I don't know about you, but that scene impressed me.moreless
George Takei

George Takei

Mr. Fixx

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John Rubano

John Rubano


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Phil Hayes

Phil Hayes


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Corey Burton

Corey Burton

Vilmos Egan

Recurring Role

Sherman Howard

Sherman Howard

Derek Powers / Blight

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Terry McGinnis arrives at Wayne Manor at the end of "Rebirth" (1), his jacket is brown. As seen here, when he's in the Batcave with Bruce Wayne, his jacket is purple. Later, when Terry is outside, his jacket is brown again.

    • In this episode, some of the bat-suit's features are described; they include neuromuscular enhancement, synaptic controls, and flight capability. However, none of that explains how the suit enables Terry to withstand the extraordinary physical abuse he is shown taking in later episodes, such as being struck in the head with a crow bar or being propelled through a concrete wall.

    • In the UK, the series was called Batman of the Future. Yet at the beginning, they forgot to dub it, so Terry said "Last time on Batman Beyond" instead of "Last time on Batman of the Future" ... maybe it took too long?

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Mr. Fixx: You're pretty strong for some clown who thinks he's Batman!
      Terry: I am Batman!

    • Bruce: McGinnis! Can you hear me?!
      Batman: Gah! Who's that!?
      Bruce: It's Wayne.
      Batman: Mr.Wayne? What, where are you?
      Bruce: There's a radio receiver in your cowl. Now listen to me McGinnis, I want that suit back and I want it now!
      Batman: (sees guards) Er... now's not a good time.

    • Bruce: That suit is not yours! You had no right!
      Batman: Someone had to do something! You sure weren't about to.
      Bruce: I'm warning you!

    • Derek: Mr.Fixx, any word on the kid?
      Mr.Fixx: Not yet, but they're looking.
      Derek: I don't need to tell you how important this deal is to Wayne-Powers, it's going to open up the entire Eastern Block for us. So I don't need it spoiled by a snot nose punk!
      Mr.Fixx: I took care of his old man, didn't I?

    • Batman: This suit works better then I thought it would.

    • Officer: A little early for Halloween isn't it.
      Batman: But just in time for fall.

    • Terry: (to Bruce) Something happened to you, didn't it? And it wasn't just that you got old.

    • Derek: Hello, Terry--ever had a ride in a limo before?
      Terry: My dad always told me never to take rides from strangers.
      Derek: Who's a stranger. Besides ,your dad's not around anymore.

    • Bruce: I find that in my old age, I could use a part-time assistant. You know, a gofer. Go for this, go for that. An ally, as it were.

    • Bruce: This is your last chance. Better take it.
      Terry: No thanks, having too much fun.
      Bruce: Fun, huh?

    • Bruce: (referring to the job) Very good then, Mr. McGinnis. Welcome to my world.

    • Terry: You built that company. And now Powers is making nerve gas there. You gotta do something. You're Batman.
      Bruce: I was Batman.

  • NOTES (2)


    • n/a: Zorro
      The creator of Batman, Bob Kane, never hesitated to admit how much influence Johnston McCulley's Zorro had on him when he created the Batman. The two have somewhat similar origins and costumes, and Batman even does some swashbuckling with Ra's al Ghul. Batman Beyond continues the parallels between the two characters. Bruce Wayne hangs up the cape and cowl due to old age, just like Diego was about to do in The Mask of Zorro. Both that film and "Rebirth" jump ahead twenty years. Diego trains Alejandro to become Zorro; Bruce trains Terry to become Batman. As Diego is ultimately killed by an old enemy, in Return of the Joker, Bruce is nearly killed by his old foe.