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  • Futuristic Batman

    In the far future of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne was getting very old and has decided to quit his job as the cape crusader. But then a teenager with a dark past, named Terry McGinnis, became the new Batman.


  • Only one word to say!

    I have only 1 word to say: SHWAY!
  • Honorable Effort

    This shows is overall strong illustrating a teenage Batman in Darker,grittier high tech Future setting. My complaints are minor and largely have to do with the treatment of characters such as Tim Drake, Talia al Ghul, and Superman, from earlier series. While Terry was clever and full of heart he lacked the mind of a master detective. The show had at times too much of high school feel at time, but such is the price of a teenage batman.

    I greatly enjoyed the show and hope to seen some form of come back. Maybe Terry after Bruce passes.
  • Batman Beyond

    When I first watched this series, I really enjoyed it. I liked the character of Terry and I thought that a lot of the baddies made sense. Especially the Joker gangs. But there were quiet a few things which made me cringe and wish that they'd decided to leave alone. The reveal of Terry's parentage being one of them. Overall, I really did love it and whenever possible I tried not to miss an episode.
  • Honorable Effort

    This was an honorable attempt to continue the Batman legacy. However it never became as popular or as entertaining as the predecessor. It suffered from mediocre writing and cliched plot lines. Alas, an in attempt to be more kid friendly it had a few more blatant attempts to be socially correct and have a moral compass. In the end of its run the show became a tad tired and sophmorish.
  • Beyond is Better

    Of All the Batman series,this one's the Best.I Love the Darker,grittier high tech Future setting.Although I Love all the episodes,My Favs. Have to be where Terry Faces Bruce's on foes.Namely,RETURN OF THE JOKER and MELTDOWN.The Latter being the final fight with MR.FREEZE.I Hope they do More.Or at Least a live action Movie
  • A good continuation to BTAS.

    great show, my favorite show to watch when i was a kid.
  • Beyond Batman

    This show was amazing in the fact that it was the dark, gritty little brother of the B:TAS. It had compelling storylines, divine character developement and of course the voices of Will Friedle and Kevin Conroy(in my opinion the best actor to ever play Bruce Wayne even if it was just voice work). This could of gone so much longer but as they say only the good die young.
  • Hope it comes back on soon

    Very different out look on the batman series while still keeping the Batman feel to it alive.
  • Batman in the future. Duh!

    It is the best batman show around. It is so awesome and I wish it was on more. I am happy to say that I have heard that it is coming back to the Kids W B sometime soon!!! I hope this is true. I'll have to continue to check around but it would be SOOOOOOO awesome.
  • I reset my score to a 9

    The show doesn't get the credit it deserves. Yes I know people we're probably mad because of the new batman. But Terry McGinnis has become so popular that he is going to be part of the DC Universe in the near future. Gotham is a tech wasteland and the youth has run amok, and Terry McGinnis is part of the problem. During a fight with Jokerz, Terry was saved by Bruce Wayne, who was Batman. Terry sees a chance to avenge his father's death. Bruce Wayne sees Terry as a successor and he becomes Batman. This show is great, dark (they actually say kill, dead, and died) it doesn't beat around the bush. One of my favorite animated series ever.
  • Best Batman

    Absolutely my favorite Batman show ever. It is definitely one of my favorite animated tv series i've watched. All episodes are fun, well written, action packed, never dull a moment. This show's got it all, we see bits of Justice League In the third season of Batman Beyond, a two-part story entitled "The Call", which featured (for the first time) the futuristic Justice League. Justice League Unlimited revisited the world of Batman Beyond twice in 2005. The first time featured Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern transported 50 years into the future to stop a time-traveling villain with the help of the future Justice League Unlimited cast, including Terry McGinnis as Batman and a future Static. The second time occurred during the episode "Epilogue", where the true secret origin of the future Batman is learned in a story meant to actually be the series finale for this Batman's story. The only villain we can't actually see in the series is Joker, but thankfully there's a movie for that Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, which is amazing.
  • Though it offers the 'teen Batman' that the network suits wanted, this animated take on the Dark Knight's future is an entertaining series and does justice to the legacy of the character.

    Batman Beyond does not suck. It feels really good to say that, because so often these network-driven changes result in programs that suck the life out of the related property and replace it with bland, mind-numbing drivel. But to the credit of Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Alan Burnett and the incredibly talented folks behind this project, this animated series is a great look into one possible future for Batman (and at the moment, is actually the official future for the DC animated universe which also includes Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League unlimited).

    There's a great blending of old and new. Our origin for the new Batman does involve the murder of a parent and the desire to see criminals brought to Justice. But Terry McGinnis also packs the wisecracks of Spider-Man and the firepower of Iron Man - he's using a futuristic costume and Batmobile, and he's wired into the cave where an aging Bruce Wayne mans the consoles and provides tactical support. Terry's rogue's gallery also offers new takes on classic concepts: Inque is an oil-based variation on Clayface, Spellbinder combines Mad Hatter and Scarecrow, and Derek Powers is a Lex Luthor-style industralist with a hidden secret that turns him into a monster. Toss in an older Barbara Gordon as police commissioner and there's enough new material to take in while still feeling right at home.

    What really sells this show though, is the sharp writing and great design sense that helped guide the previous Batman/Superman cartoons. This may be teen Batman, but the writing is spot-on, especially the banter between Terry and Bruce. Gotham may be futuristic but it's still just as dirty and dreary as before - think Blade Runner meets Akira. In general, the first season actually skews quite dark while later seasons focus more on Terry's high school problems and become a bit lighter in tone. Even then the show never comes close to going kiddy, and always remains consistently enjoyable.

    Batman Beyond may not have the name recognition of Batman, Superman, and the Justice League, but it's a worthy piece of the animated DC continuity and is worth watching if you're a Batman fan.
  • I miss this show

    One of the few shows that raised the quality level of American animation to the heights of Anime. Along with The New Adventures of Batman, Superman: TAS and JLU, this group became the holy quartet of animation. Batman Beyond is incredibly innovative, well directed and voiced by some of the best well trained actors. The design of the animation is mind blowing to an unbelievable degree and every episode is an enticing story. I have yet to come across a US animated series that is half as good as Batman Beyond. The release of the complete series on DVD was the best set to come out in awhile.
  • A very great sci-fi beginning of Batman

    Batman Beyond (Batman of the Future in Europe) is a very influential TV Show for teens and Kids WB fans. Batman Beyond has great action, great style, and great characters. This TV Show has a very awesome new beginning with Bruce Wayne as an old senior citizen and his biological son (Terry McGinnis) takes over the job of Batman The Dark Knight and now he is the Batman of the Future, The Tomorrow Knight. It has some of the coolest heroes, and some of the coolest villains.
    If you are a fan of Batman, watch this tv show. It is great!
  • Great Sequel!

    Two words: Great Show! The only thing I didn't like about this show was how Bruce was a lonely old man and that whole thing what the Joker did to Tim. Not that those things weren't will write and stuff. I just think Bruce deserve more happiness then what the writers gave him. It also doesn't change the fact that this is still a really great cartoon. You know it a great when no matter how old you get you can still find something in a series that entertains you. I did wish we could have Dick in the series.
  • The Perfect Legacy

    Batman Beyond its the perfect end-legacy of the Batman franchise when an old Bruce Wayne leaves the mantle of the bat forever but a kid (his father was killed) will take the shadow of the bat to make justice again in Gotham
    My favorite episodes, off course, are "Black Out", "Dessappering Inque", "Inqueling", "The Call I" and "Countdown" (All the Inque episodes)
    Really Batman Beyond its a perfect close-up of the Batman franchise after an un-numbered kind of Batman animated TV show imagine that producers decide to take all the Batman's animated show and put it together on a DVD set i hope one day they do that (Imagine like all Buffy seasons on one DVD set)
    Awsome Batman Beyond close a legend and leaves a perfect lecacy!!
  • Perfect

    Batman Beyond, not Batman of the Future as we call it over here, is a fantastic reimagining of Batman.
    Every part of the show was amazing. The kick @$$ theme tune, which I have on my phone, incidently, always hyped me for the on-coming half an hour of shwayness.
    Batman Beyond was the best cartoon DC ever produced, and is proof that Warner Bros owning DC is no bad thing. Shows like this and Justice League are absolutely outclassing Marvel in animated cartoons, with the new Spectacular Spider-Man being the only thing that comes close.
    Unfortunately, DC cartoons since, havent quite lived up to BB's legacy.
  • An excellent show which is worthy to be called Batman. I first started watching Batman Beyond when I was 8 years old in 1999. The show was great, and I had a lot of fun watching it.

    I recently rented the first season and sat down and watched the first few episodes. I was amazed by how much quality the show had. The story, music, action, animation were wonderful.

    The story is very powerful. It begins with Terry McGinnis, a 17 year old atlethic student who fights against a gang and runs into Bruce Wayne who saves him. I was very pleased to hear Kevin Conroy voice Batman, because in terms of voice he IS batman. His ability to express emotion and play that character's voice is unmatched. Anyways, they meet and Terry soon discovers that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Terry ends up becoming a new batman after a series of events unfold.

    The animation and action is excellent in this show. Even though its aimed for kids, there's a lot of fighting, and the story is very dark. They did a great job with drawing. Every frame has great quality and it looks like a lot of work has been put into it. The music is very subtle, but its well done. The main theme is terrific, and expresses Batman perfectly.

    So, overall, this TV show was great. It was made 8 years ago, but it is still a great show to watch today. The creators of this show need to put it back on, because it was truly a great show.
  • The Best In The Whole Series!

    If your not familier with the Batman comics or series thats okay! Because Batman Beyond takes it to a whole new level of excitement, thrills, and action. Batman Beyond isn't one of those remakes of an old series, its completely new. There is a new hero by the name of Terry Miginis (Didnt spell it right) who takes over for Bruce Wayne as the new Batman.

    Batman Beyond has a more futuristic feel to it while the old Batman animated series from the 1990s took place in a more modern day setting like the 1960s of Chicago or Manhattan New York.

    Batman Beyond doesn't only have a new hero this time around. But there are also new villains as well as a few who are somewhat similar to Bruce Wayne's old nemesis's. Terry is easily likeable as well as the new batman character too. The only difference between the Bruce Batman and Terry's Version. Is Terry sports a whole new outfit that comes equipped with some of the same or new specs as the old batman suit. Instead of operating a Bat Mobile Terry gets more of a jet type batmobile.

    Not only is his ride more durable than the old Bat stuff. His outfit allows him to glide so he doesn't rely on a grappling hook like the original Batman did. Terry can also use a jet boost, cloaking device, and has the ability to ease drop by placing his fingers up against the walls.

    Music wise? Batman Beyond has a catchy intro theme as well as fantastic Grunge Hard Rock Tunes to go along with the action while he's kicking a** on screen. Sadly the show only had three seasons and I strongly believe it deserves allot more. Batman Beyond Return Of the Joker was the first Batman Beyond movie. Which featured a clone version of the original batmans arch rival known as "The Joker". The movie in my opinion wasn't that good compared to the actual TV series. In Season 2 Terry meets up with a chick who has pink hair who is always either helping or getting in the way. Shes even smart mouth toward Bruce Wayne most of the time. Its tough to go on and on about this series. All I can say is that I loved it. Mostly if not all of the episodes for every season were great. Although I prefer the original Villains. Most enemies in Batman Beyond sort of remind me of Teen Titans. And God how awful that show was! Teen Titans was also the reason why I started to hate Robin.
  • If you loved any of the animated Batman series, then don't... miss... this.

    I grew up watching Batman: the Animated Series when I was a kid, and I loved every minute of it. It was clever, stylish, and very entertaining, and I could never wait for the next episode. As I got older, however, and when I watched the series again, I noticed a lot of things that I didn't pick up when I was younger. I'm a realist by nature, and there were too many times when I my brain screamed "you can't do that - that's impossible!" during an episode. I still love that series, but there are a few too many plot holes and factual errors for my *complete* liking.

    That's where Batman Beyond comes in. Batman: the Animated Series will always be clever, stylish and entertaining, but Batman Beyond kicks it up to a whole new level. I'm watching this series again - for the third time, I think - with great eagerness and anticipation. Both Batman Beyond and The Zeta Project have this flair about them that keeps me wanting more. Batman Beyond isn't flawless, as far as the facts go, but its futuristic setting can be used as an excuse for anything, and it's this action and excitement - and the awesome music and opening theme - that has me well and truly hooked.
  • It takes place years after Batman appeared for the last time. With a new ruler of Gotham City, crime is at an all-time high. After Terry finds out Bruce's secret and his father is killed, Terry becomes the new Batman.

    This series was a good one to watch when I was a kid and I loved to watch it when I was younger. When it was on television I watched it almost every night and day it came on television. It is a good series to watch for kids that is based on the movies and other series that on television or was airing on television. If you a young kid who into Batman then you should try to find this series and watch it because it good. Anyway, I was sad to see this series but I was glad I was able to watch it when I was able to.
  • Though it's a rather huge leap from the original Batman, it's still a more than entertaining show.

    Think batman with jetpacks, and more gizmos this time than the old one could pack into his utility belt. The basic premise is still the same... lives in a cave, likes a girl, beats up bad guys using gizmos no one else has, but still manages to get beaten up from time to time. Been there, done that. Still, a futuristic batman up to his old tricks is a lovable enough show. The animation and everything is obviously better this time, and I have totally fallen in love with the opening soundtrack by Gabriel Moses (I'm pretty sure I got his name right). Must watch, at least, the first few times.
  • Best Batman series,i really wish they wouldve ov brought it back,very nice show

    Batman Beyond is a very great Tv show,really nice to watch if your a teen.So the old Bruce or shall i say ,the old Batman who retired its job,and now,his grandson,i think,becomes the new batman,Batman Beyond.

    Its really fun to watch,but too bad it ended,that was a real disapointment ,i really liked watching him in his flashy action.Theres blood,suspense,Action,nice fighting,pretty cool vilains.Its just like a whole Teenage Batman Series,and its very fun to watch.

    Watch Batman Beyond on You Tube ,though there arent alot of episodes,Batman Beyond i still a very fun Tv Show to watch.
    Man i wish they brought it back!

    if they would continue the show i would really then give it a 9.

    Good Show!
  • for any other super hero trying to reinvent himself in the future, all classes begin here! all the right moves in terms of characters and villains as well as a very appropriate out look on Gotham and all the former Gotham knights.strong movie appea

    firstly i have always been a strong Dark Knight fan. so naturally when i heard that some collage boy is now taken on the darkest of Gotham in place of Bruce Wayne! well lets just say i watched the show to mock before i looked.

    but trust me, there is something very appealing about Batman Beyond. a something that connects with all the dark knight fans out there.

    The Darkness. yes thats right, The Darkness!

    what is The Darkness?

    well The Darkness is that feeling that you got when you looked at super heroes like spider-man and super man and something inside you screamed "They have it too easy! life isn't this nice. The world is a bleak and gloomy place."

    and thats exactly what you get with Beyond. a bleak, gloomy Gotham that has not only moved on with the times but has also carried the nasties from the past into the future. without copying anything from the past! it'll make sense if you've watched the show!

    a show you watch to critize and then you watch to find out why its so appropraite that Bruce Wayne is not Batman but the guy behind the scenes? why its so appropraite for Gotham to move into the future but still keep its rotten to the core values? amazingly appropraite. appropraitely dark!

    a darkness thats even, i dare say darker, than that of the Gotham Knights.

    i liked it and the only reason why I'm not saying that i loved it! is because I'm to attached to the Bruce Wayne Batman. Beyond began with the odds of success pitted against it but still went Beyond the normal show to a 9.0 rating. amazing. Darkness!

    i dare say the only thing left to do now is the movie, well may be 5yrs after Christian Bale is done with his amazingly dark take on the Dark Knight. so to the Darkness and Beyond!
  • Superheroes never really disappear forever. An aging Bruce Wayne continues his war against crime in a futuristic Gotham City with a new powered suit. After a harsh mission, Bruce ends his vigilante career, until a successor takes up the mantle of Batman.

    Batman Beyond like the rest of the other shows in the DCAU is an excellent example of classic animation. This show had action, adventure, some humor, violence and great continuity from Batman the Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures/Gotham Knights. Although Bruce Wayne no longer wears the mantle of Batman he is still greatly involved with the training, guidance of Terry McGinnis (new Batman) and still an important character. Kevin Conroy (who has voice Batman/Bruce in all other DCAU shows) returns to lend his voice. Barbara Gordon (former Batgirl) has followed in her father's shoes and is now the new commissioner of police in Gotham and still keeps in contact with Bruce and even lends some guidance to Terry. Terry McGinnis is the primary character in this show and it revolves around his life at school, his social life with his friends and girl friend Dana, his life with his family, and his life as Gotham's new protector. The Tomorrow Knight faces new evil and even faces old enemies of Bruce's rogue gallery (a perfect example is in the movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and it's an amazing movie btw though I suggest you watch the uncut version which is better than the edited one). This show as amazing as it is and although I like it a lot, IMO isn't on the same level as the original Batman series but is still great in its own way and has very original and interesting stories. Batman Beyond even appears in other DCAU shows like Static Shock and Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. What's interesting here is that in Batman Beyond, there are two episodes that feature a futuristic Justice League and it was received so well that Bruce Timm (creator of Batman Beyond and the DCAU) went on to make the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited series. Overall a great cartoon series that is very memorable and although its final episode "Unmasked" doesn't seem like a proper send off to this great show, fear not for in JLU the episode "Epilogue" is in a way the true series finale of Batman Beyond and probably one of the greatest episodes of animation I've ever seen.
  • Great cartoon with action and humor.

    Really enjoyed this cartoon. Liked the original Batman cartoon for a couple years earlier, but thought this one was a lot better. True shame they canceled one of the few cartoons I could actually enjoy with my little boy, who also loved the series. Very odd it was canceled when I hear so many other adult sheepishly say they not only know of the series but actually watched and enjoyed it. Seems like it would have been (and still IS)the ideal show for a family to enjoy together. Also enjoyed the movie where they brought back the Joker - sure wish they'd not stop with that and bring back the series!
  • One of the few cartoons taking a old character like Batman change him and still make it work

    Batman Beyond was a really good futuristic show. I liked how they made Bruce Wayne a really old man but he still trained Terry well. The batman beyond costume was a really awesome with the whole invisible thing but they didn't make the suit too powerful. Batman still had to face many challenges but he always found a clever way to defeat his opponents. Even though all the villains were original (except for the joker) they made some of the villains seem like classic ones. Like in one episode the villain uses the patches like Bane to get super strength. It was a clever idea of combining the old and new show
  • Great, great, show!

    I enjoyed the first season alot, I just bought them on DVD recently, great Batman series, it all connects with the old batman series, it seems like they really put alot of effort in this, The voice acting is pretty good IMO. The art for the show is pretty good aswell, a futuristic Gotham, is pretty cool! I have to admit it's pretty funny seeing Bruce Wayne being old and using a cane! lol. I have not watched season 2 nor 3. But from Season 1 this show looks like a very awesome batman cartoon. " The Batman " and " Batman Beyond " are very awesome Batman cartoons, of course the best still remains Batman TAS IMO.
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