Batman Beyond

Season 2 Episode 23

Sentries of the Last Cosmos

Aired Saturday 9:00 AM May 06, 2000 on The WB
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Episode Summary

A computer game designer uses his games to find kids he can trick into doing his dirty deeds.

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  • DC / WB remake of "The Last Starfighter" and hats off to "Star Wars" episode.

    When I was younger my employer sent me to Hollywood to work with a company by the name of Digital Productions. My job was to help them better utilize their Cray X-MP and IBM VM system. As one of the software designers and developers at Cray, it fell to me to help them in my small way help produce the special effects (and make money in the meantime to keep a float) for "The Last Starfighter."

    When the owner of the game approached Terry's fellow student, the pieces started falling into place that this was the "Batman Beyond" remake / version of "The Last Starfighter." It was fun seeing this version, though, considering the Batman Beyond series does acknowledge life beyond Earth, why it couldn't have been really similar to movie, I'm not sure. I guess this way the entire plot begins and ends in one episode and they never need to return to it. Having it as a reoccurring theme might have been interesting, but they (most likely) didn't want the commitment.

    Actually, the entire episode was really fun combining the "Star Wars" and "The Last Starfighter" references together on various levels. The ending was great for the fan, but honestly the use of "schway" in the series is -- well -- getting old. Is that the only word kids of that time know to express the exceptional quality of something?

    I'm giving the episode a 10 (Perfect) because doesn't allow for a finer level of rating. Honestly, it isn't a 10, but it is higher than a 9.51, so rounding up ....moreless
Tristan Rogers

Tristan Rogers

Simon Harper

Guest Star

Chris Demetral

Chris Demetral

Corey Cavalieri

Guest Star

Seth Green (I)

Seth Green (I)


Guest Star

Seth Green (I)

Seth Green (I)

Nelson Nash

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Eldon Michaels shows Batman an envelope that contains evidence for Harper, one of the sentries fire at the envelope and sets it on fire. However, when Batman finally gets a hold of the envelope it is perfectly fine and not burned at all.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Batman: So get this. My school counselor says my problem is "I lack direction."
      Bruce: Go to the Hall of Records. I'm showing a break-in at their databank.
      Batman: Somehow, I don't think that's what she meant by "direction."

    • Simon: Quite resourceful, I'll have to program that strategy into my next game.
      Batman: And what kind of game is that, Simon Harper?
      Simon: What do you mean?
      Batman: I met some of your Sentries last night, they didn't play by the rules.

    • Terry: They said they were sent on the sacred mission by the wise one.
      Max: Wise one?! That's what Corey calls Simon Harper!
      Terry: The guy who created the game!
      Max: He invited Corey to come and meet him. Do you think there's a connection?
      Terry: Is Jar-Jar lame?

    • Bruce: Terry! Terry, can you hear me!
      Batman: I'm here...
      Bruce: What happened?
      Batman: I just got my butt fried by the Sentries of the Last Cosmos!
      Bruce: What?!

    • Terry: Is Jar-Jar lame?

    • Eldon Michaels: It all started a long, long time ago in a cosmos far from Earth.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Toy Robot in Eldon Michael's house: Danger. Danger. Danger!
      In the classic TV show Lost in Space, "Danger! Danger Will Robinson!" is the Robot's most famous line. The toy also bore a striking resemblance to Lost in Space's Robot.

    • n/a:
      Eldon Michaels looks strikingly like Harry Knowles of fame. Coincidence?

    • Star Wars Characters
      Many Star Wars references, including Terry's line about Jar-Jar and Eldon Michaels' closing statement (both in Quotes). Other homages include 1) Harper's cloak and lightning bolts (from the Emperor). 2) When they first play the game, Terry exclaims "I can't shake him!" - Luke's line during the first Death Star battle. 3) When they arrive at Sentrycroft, the gate camera is similar to the one at Jabba the Hut's palace. 4) The costume that Simon Harper uses when receiving the kids. 5) The electric rays that Harper throws with his fingers. 6) Michaels resembles George Lucas (the face, the beard). 7) The script that Batman give to kids at the end has something to be with the story of Star Wars 8) The background music is heavily influenced by the Star Wars score.