Batman Beyond

Season 1 Episode 7


Aired Saturday 9:00 AM Mar 13, 1999 on The WB
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When Derek Powers wants to knock down a certain place in Gotham City that seems mysteriously important to Bruce, Bruce reveals to Terry that the theater on this block is where his parents were killed. But when Terry goes to check on Bruce's dog, Bruce ventures off into the theater and then gets attacked by Shreeve who becomes later known as Shriek, and is rescued by Terry as Batman. When Bruce is taken to the hospital, he starts hearing voices... voices telling him to do something terrible.


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  • A scientist is sent to kill wanye and batso with his sonic power suit, by powers.Powers is looking to expand the company into the historical district and demolish the old building in the process. Wayne is rousing the shareholders against himmoreless

    A scientist is sent to kill wanye and batso with his sonic power suit, by powers.Powers is looking to expand the company into the historical district and demolish the old building in the process.

    Wayne is rousing the shareholders against him

    The scientists shreve

    quickly demolishs most of old town and put wayne in hospital .There he starts to hear voices taunting him and telling him to commit suicide.

    Msginnis must bust wayne out of the gotham mental home and prove hes not mad and of course take town shreve now calling himself shriek.

    Okay the villian has a cool outfit and good powers .

    Hes now push over this is all good.

    The "wayne go crazy" plot was alot darker than toons normally get.As was wayne's reason for not wanting to forget the historical district where his parents were murdered.Well done to them.

    The final battle had a slightly poetic twist at the end

    sucks to be shreve.

    My bugs are few

    this plot was used a few eps ago the whole "wayne opposes powers and hire a supervillian to ice him" plot was done in black out and done better.

    secondly the big one

    Shreve a scientist seems to go over tothe dark side with out even a slight push??

    was he already a sociopath?

    we dont know??

    Powers just tells him to do it and thats that


    A good episode some nice dark turns

    watch enjoymoreless
  • Another great original Villian is born!!!

    Shreeve/Shriek is another example of a great original villian for Batman Beyond. The thing I remember the most about this episode was when I first watched it and there was ABSOLUTELY NO SOUND. Batman was fighting Shriek and you couldn't hear anything. He couldn't even hear his own footsteps. I tried to imagine being able to see without hearing and trying to fight. It was an impossible thing to do. I think you are be better off being blind and fighting then you are at being deaf. You can still see when something is coming but you have no idea when it is coming. There is no anticipation without sound. If you can hear then you can anticipate an impact. You can't see where it's coming from but at least you know it's coming. I thought it was cool that a cartoon inspired me to experiment with my senses.moreless
  • Wayne is hunted down and hospitalized by a man named Shreeve (working for Powers) using a suit that utilizes sound.

    this was a great episode in that it took Bruce out of the loop so to speak and let the writers experiment with Terry being on his own for once (very unusual for their earlier episodes). with Bruce hopsitalized and being taunted by Shriek (the episode's villian) trying to make him think and seem like he's out of his mind it allowed viewers to see the original Batman from a different light. Terry's undercover work needed some work help but they get a pass on it because as one of my friends so nicely reminded me (before i wrote this) is that we're dealing with a high school kid doing this super-hero thing for the first time. all in all, like i said a great episode from start to finish....moreless
  • This one is all about the power of sound.

    One of my favourite Batman Beyond episodes. A guy named Shreeve (sp?) who researches sound for Mr. Powers, develops a suit that generates ultra low frequency vibrations that can be aimed at any direction the wearer chooses, to make work easier for construction workers, and road builders. But Mr. Powers isn't interested in that, and orders him to get rid of Bruce Wayne.
Ian Patrick Williams

Ian Patrick Williams


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Sherman Howard

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    • (In the dark)
      Shreeve: It's a neglected sense. Hearing. And it shouldn't be. Because all too often our first warning of danger is sound.
      (a jaguar roars)
      Derek: Shreeve, what are you trying to.. (Hears a train in front of him) Shreeve!!
      Shreeve: See Mr. Powers, just an illusion.
      Derek: Uh... I knew that..
      Shreeve: Of course, but after all the research money you have given me. I thought you deserved a demonstration.

    • Terry: How did (the meeting) go?
      Bruce: The way I wanted.
      Terry: Must had been pretty important to get you out of that house. Especially in daylight.

    • Terry: Okay, we know it's some kind of sound generator. So now what? (Put the evidence into a scanner) Computer. Analyze the metal this thing is made of. (Pause) Computer?
      Computer: Incorrect command.
      Terry: Uh.. do the thing where you figure out what's it made of.
      Computer: Request for spectrograph analysis.
      Terry: Uh.. huh.. that's it. What you said.
      Computer: Analysis proceeding.

    • Derek: (about Bruce) Age can do tragic things to a person. But I wouldn't worry about him. He's going to be in the best of hands. Mine. Who else can take care of his affairs. He has no wife, no children.
      Terry: Me, I could do it.
      Derek: Awfully young, aren't you?
      Terry: Awfully slimy, aren't you?
      Derek: Careful, the courts are very strict about slander.
      Terry: Oh, yeah? Then let's see how they handle assault!

    • (after Terry assaults Derek)
      Derek: You should know something about the psych ward here. There's always room for one more.

    • Derek: You should be feeling fine, anyway.
      Shriek: And why is that?
      Derek: Because your costume gives you power. Real power. Ever had that before?
      Shriek: No. Not really.
      Derek: It's no small thing, trust me.

    • Batman: Big bandage for such a small wound. It's a two-way radio--a guy named Shreeve makes them. He's the one who knocked down the police station.
      Bruce: Probably bribed a nurse to put that thing into the bandage. Still think I'm crazy?
      Batman: Never occurred to me.

    • Bruce: (to Ace) Miss me, boy?
      Batman: He wasn't the only one.

    • Terry: Tell me something. Why were you so sure those voices weren't coming from you?
      Bruce: Well, first, I know I'm not psychotic.
      Terry: I hope your other reason is more convincing.
      Bruce: And second, the voice kept calling me "Bruce." In my mind, that's not what I call myself.
      Terry: What do you call yourself? (Bruce glares at him) Oh, yeah, I suppose you would. But that's my name now.
      Bruce: Tell that to my subconscious.

  • NOTES (2)

    • The car Terry drives Bruce around in seems to resemble the Batmobile from the original Batman Animated Series.

    • This is the only episode, since "Rebirth (1)," in which Derek Powers has no transformations into Blight. In all the others, he turns into Blight for a split second or for the remaining portion of the episode.